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The Medical Science Liaison Society is pleased to formally announce the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has established a student/trainee chapter of the MSL Society.

The mission of the new chapter is to educate, advocate for, and offer career development opportunities for those interested in the MSL profession at the University of North Carolina. Members can attend informational seminars led by local MSLs, participate in career development discussion groups, and take part in MSL-specific networking events, which will enable members greater success in pursuing an MSL career. The chapter will work directly with the Medical Science Liaison Society leadership for exclusive benefits unavailable outside of the chapter. The new chapter will focus on both graduate students and postdocs.

Dr. Rebekah L. Layton, Director of Training Initiatives in Biological and Biomedical Sciences (TIBBS) at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, stated:

“We are looking forward to the unique opportunity our trainees will have to benefit from training opportunities, resources, and contacts through the MSL Society, including exposure to the experiences of active Medical Science Liaisons in the field. Our professional development model at UNC allows for the creation of career interest groups to help inform and train students about particular careers that they are excited about, through trainee-led groups that allow our biomedical PhDs and Postdocs to pursue career training in a given area, in this case also including doctoral trainees in pharmacy. Given the burgeoning nature of the MSL career pathway, it is a great time to be partnering with the MSL Society to create a trainee chapter on campus and to allow our trainees to pursue this exciting career opportunity. We are thrilled to be working with the committed professionals at the Medical Science Liaison Society who are truly dedicated to enhancing the training and preparation of tomorrow’s MSLs.”

Dr. Patrick D. Brandt, Director of Career Development and Training at UNC-Chapel Hill also commented about the new MSL Society student chapter at UNC:

“I’m very excited about the growing partnership between UNC and the MSL Society. Many of our trainees are interested in the MSL career path and have a lot to offer, but they lack a deep understanding of the MSL role. The exposure and learning that will take place in the new MSL Society chapter will help the trainees prepare proactively for an MSL career and it will give them a leg up in the hiring process.

Thanks to Dr. Layton, Dr. Brandt, and trainee club leaders: Kara Jensen, PhD; Dmitriy Usenko, MD; and Deirdre Sackett, doctoral candidate for all their help over the last year in achieving this important milestone!

The MSL Society continues to strive to offer resources for the global MSL community to help MSLs, MSL leaders, and aspiring MSLs to advance in their careers.


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Dr. Samuel Dyer is the Chairman of the Board of the MSL Society and the author of “The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break Into Your First Role“, the first step-by-step guide ever published on how to successfully land your first MSL role.