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9th Annual MSL Society Conference

The Annual MSL Society Conference is the flagship conference of the MSL Society. Over 400 MSLs and MSL Leaders will attend the conference this year for three days of thought-provoking discussions and peer-led networking.

With the rapid growth of the MSL profession, the conference will explore how MSLs can improve and add value to KOL relationships, enhancing skills, and many other topics to help MSLs be most effective within the position.

We will also explore other challenges that are pertinent to the industry, such as creating effective on-boarding programs, MSL mentoring, and creating excellence centers to support MSLs.

The conference combines industry-led presentations with breakout workshops. This format provides the opportunity to learn about the latest trends shaping the industry, whilst enhancing the skills that are essential for success in the profession.

The 2019 Conference in Las Vegas attracted 308 MSL Professionals, representing a 19% increase in attendance from our 2018 conference. We expected the 2020 virtual conference to deliver unprecedented growth with an attendance of 1,000+ MSLs and MSL Leaders from all over the world. In reality, we had 2,483 attendees from 73 countries.


Join us, and connect with new MSL teams!

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