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The 2016 results are FINALLY available!

Thanks to all those who participated in the 2016 MSL Salary & Compensation Survey. This was by far the largest MSL Society Salary survey to date. We had 1,677 MSL professionals from 69 countries participating! Our 2016 survey is the largest database of MSL salaries, and as a result, it is the most comprehensive and authoritative resource on global MSL salary and compensation levels.

Due to the number of respondents, it took us longer than we anticipated to analyze the results.

This year, we made the data available in multiple versions including the full global results and individual reports for the 11 countries that had the greatest number of responses including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, U.K., and the USA.

The 2016 survey was our 3rd annual global survey on global MSL Salary and Compensation levels. Like previous years, the primary purpose of this year’s survey was to gain insights into current global MSL salary and compensation levels across pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical devices, and other healthcare companies.

We broke down each section representing several salary topics including salary ranges, salary by degree, salary by role (MSL, Sr MSL etc), salary by years of experience, salary by academic degree, and salary by company type (large pharma, small pharma etc).

New this year, the salary data is also reported by quartile for each role to allow respondents to understand their remuneration relative to the market.

For 2017, we will create individual country level reports for any country that has at least 40 responses. 

Like all our research, all the reports are available Free for all members of the MSL Society as well as those who participated.

Our goal is to add value to the global MSL community. We strongly believe this type of information should be readily available and free! We will NEVER sell the data to anyone!

Everyone who completed the survey already received a link to download all the reports.

All members of the MSL Society can download all the salary reports under the “resources” tab then “MSL Reports” on the MSL Society website. 

PLEASE NOTE: We encourage you to use the data for your own professional needs, however, please ensure that you always cite the MSL Society. 



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Dr. Samuel Dyer is the Chairman of the Board of the MSL Society and the author of “The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break Into Your First Role“, the first step-by-step guide ever published on how to successfully land your first MSL role.