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The MSL Society is excited to announce and launch the first of its kind Medical Science Liaison Mentor / Mentee Program. This program is complimentary for members of the MSL Society.  

The MSL Society is dedicated to helping MSLs advance in their careers and the program pairs new MSLs with more experienced MSLs on an informal basis for the purpose of providing one-on-one guidance and advice to the newer MSLs (mentees.) An experienced MSL will volunteer to serve as a mentor to a less experienced MSL (mentee) for at least a period of one year, during which time the mentor and mentee are encouraged to communicate on a monthly basis for discussions on mutually agreed topics.

The mentor will be encouraged to share experiences, feedback, and provide insights related to career guidance or career advancement. The mentee should enter into the mentor relationship with the goal of career enhancement and professional development. The program is not designed to be a substitute for internal management, HR, or other services offered through the mentee’s company. 

Both mentors and mentees must be current members of the MSL Society in order to participate and the following guidelines must be met:

•     Mentors must have at least 5 years of MSL experience

•     Mentees are those recently hired MSLs with less than 1 year of experience

•     Both mentors and mentees must be current members of the MSL Society in order to participate

•     This program is not available for aspiring MSLs (those interested in becoming an MSL)

The program is being managed by highly experienced MSLs who have extensive experience in managing mentor programs:

Christine Vaupel, PhD – MSL Mentoring Program Director,  Sr. Medical Science Liaison, Genoptix, a Novartis Company

Jinah Lee, PharmD – ‪Sr. Medical Science Liaison, GSK

If you are interested in participating in the MSL Mentoring Program or for a list of FAQ-see here: 

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Dr. Samuel Dyer is the Chairman of the Board of the MSL Society and the author of “The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break Into Your First Role“, the first step-by-step guide ever published on how to successfully land your first MSL role.