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MSL Social Community



Expand your relationships, easily connect with others within the MSL community and then add them to your social network. Diversify your feed content and opportunities by sharing to your connections the most relevant content.


Easily share articles and content from the web by simply pasting a hyperlink and adding your desired comment to your feed as a post.


See the most up-to-date interactions and content from your connections through a centralized feed. Easily contribute to these conversations through commenting, liking and sharing.

…From Anywhere

Get access to the latest news and updates from any device, allowing you to stay in the know from wherever you are.

Convert sporadic engagement into stronger connections within your MSL network.


By making SOCIAL LINK part of your daily social networking.



Highly-intuitive features allow for

real-time MSL focused interactions.



Mobile-First, Responsive Design & Social App


Access the latest news and updates from any device, allowing you to stay updated from those in your MSL network from wherever you are.



Score Member Engagement


Visually see your activity and participation levels as well as the activity and participation levels of others in the MSL community. 



Social Networking Feed


Stay updated on relevant content, learning and career opportunities within your personalized feed.



Suggested Connections


Discover valuable one-on-one connections and networking opportunities based on common attributes and interests within the MSL community.



Activity Alerts & Email Notifications


Stay updated with your connections and the MSL community through real-time alerts to activities, such as “likes” and “comments.

Let us help you grow your

Medical Science Liaison network.

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The Social Link App is available for free on iPhone and iOS devices (free download)