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3-Day Live
Medical Science Liaison Presentation & Communication Skills Training

Learn how to effectively communicate and add value to KOLs

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The interaction between Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) is a foundation for advancing healthcare knowledge and practices. A critical challenge for MSLs is securing face-to-face meetings with KOLs, who are often highly sought-after and have limited availability. This is particularly challenging for MSLs trying to establish new relationships with KOLs. This specialized and practical training program is designed to address this challenge by focusing on the art of crafting persuasive, professional, and effective emails. The program highlights the importance of effective email communication as a tool not just for securing a meeting but also for establishing a long-term value-added professional relationship. Given the pivotal role of MSL/KOL interactions in advancing healthcare, this training is essential for MSLs to gain the necessary advanced email writing skills to successfully persuade KOLs to meet.

This MSL training program is designed to be comprehensive, interactive, and practical. Through a blend of theoretical knowledge, practical exercises, scenario-based learning, and real-world applications, participants will gain new skills and techniques that will enable them to be more effective in their role. This program is based on extensive research, including numerous surveys and an analysis of best practices derived from thousands of responses from MSLs and KOLs. This data-driven approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of what strategies are most effective


Newly hired and experienced MSLs interested in sharpening their skills and understanding of how to present and communicate during a KOL meeting.
Newly hired and experienced MSLs interested in how to become successful in building effective long-term VALUE added KOL relationships , and understanding what KOLs want from MSLs (based on a comprehensive survey of over 1,100 KOLs)
Newly hired and experienced MSLs who want to learn how to present and communicate data in a way that it is understood by everyone who is present during a KOL meeting.


This training is specifically designed to provide both experienced and newly hired MSLs the tools necessary to be successful in their careers and will cover multiple essential topics including:
Knowing Your KOL Audience:
Techniques for researching and understanding your audience to customize your presentation.
Opening a Presentation:
Techniques for captivating and connecting with your audience with a powerful opening
Closing a Presentation:
Strategies for effective conclusions that reinforce key messages, retention of key points, and call to action.
Preparing Data for a Presentation:
Best practices in data selection, validation, and visualization to support your objectives.
Presenting Complex Data Slides:
Techniques to present and communicate complex information in a concise and understandable manner
Q&A and Objection Handling with KOLs:
Effective methods addressing KOL questions and appropriate answers, including preparation and responsive strategies.
Preparing for a KOL Presentation:
Structuring your presentation for maximum impact, with emphasis on objectives and audience engagement
Overcoming Nervousness:
Practical methods to manage presentation anxiety and project confidence.
Dealing with Difficult KOLs Confidently:
Approaches for managing challenging interactions]and turning them into value-added engagements.
Essential Body Language during a Presentation:
Harnessing non-verbal communication to complement your message and connect with the audience.
Engaging Your Audience Without Reading Slides:
Strategies for delivering content in an engaging manner that does not rely on reading slides or speaker notes.
Storytelling with Data:
Leveraging narrative techniques to enhance the persuasive power of data in presentations.
Organizing a Presentation:
Effective strategies for content organization to ensure coherence and flow.
Rehearsal Techniques for PowerPoint Presentations:
Practicing presentation delivery with PowerPoint to master timing, slide navigation, transitions, and overall flow.


Throughout the training, participants will engage in several scenario-based activities, designed to simulate the real-world complexities and challenges of communicating with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs). These activities will include:
Simulation exercises/assessments
To ensure the integration and application of learned skills, participants will be assessed throughout the program. Each presentation will be video-recorded, providing a unique opportunity for self-review and personalized feedback from expert trainers. This approach not only highlights areas for improvement but also tracks progress over time, ensuring that participants can see tangible enhancements in their presentation and communication skills
Group discussions
MSLs will also participate in multiple group discussions and activities on all topics covered, encouraging participants to share experiences and learn from one another


Samuel Dyer, PhD
CEO, MSL Society

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Dr. Samuel Dyer is the CEO of the Medical Science Liaison Society and has over 24 years of international MSL experience. During his career, he has managed MSL teams and operations in over 60 countries across the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. He has facilitated the successful launch of pharmaceutical and medical device products for both Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and small biotechnology companies.

Dr. Dyer has coached, interviewed, and reviewed the CVs of countless MSL leaders, MSLs and aspiring MSLs. His insights and guidance have resulted in hundreds of aspiring MSLs successfully breaking into their first roles.

While leading the MSL Society, he has conducted MSL training programs for over 65 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies in more than 15 countries. Dr. Dyer has also written extensively on the Medical Science Liaison profession, including numerous published articles, benchmark studies, and reports. He has been the keynote speaker and moderated numerous international conferences on various MSL–related topics, including creating teams, management, MSL training, proper utilization of MSLs, global trends, and the KPIs and metrics used to measure MSL performance. Dr. Dyer has also served as a resource and consultant on a number of MSL–related projects for several organizations, including McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company.

Dr. Dyer has a PhD in Health Sciences from Touro University and is attending medical school at Washington University (Health & Science) School of Medicine. He has a master’s degree in Tropical Biology (where he studied in the Amazon) from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of the State of New York. Dr. Dyer also completed a certificate program for Executive Leadership and Strategy in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology at the Harvard Business School.

Dr. Dyer is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller “The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break into Your First Role”. The book is the first and only step-by-step guide on how to break into the MSL career (


Upon completing this program, participants will be able to:

Audience Analysis: Participants will understand and analyze the needs and interests of the KOLs in the audience to tailor presentations effectively

Data-Driven Presentations: Participants will prepare and organize data-driven presentations with a clear narrative and flow.

Body Language and Verbal Cues: Participants will learn essential body language and verbal cue skills to enhance presentation delivery.

Advanced Presentation Techniques: Participants will employ advanced techniques for opening and closing presentations, ensuring engagement and retention.

Complex Data Simplification: Participants will simplify complex data slides for better comprehension and impact.

Beyond Reading Slides: Confidence in delivering presentations that engage the audience, using slides as a backdrop rather than a script.

Q&A and Objection Handling: Participants will handle KOL Q&A sessions and objections with poise, demonstrating thorough knowledge and preparation.

Confidence in Difficult Interactions: Participants will navigate difficult conversations and KOL interactions with increased confidence

Storytelling with Data: Participants will utilize storytelling techniques to present data in a compelling and relatable manner

Overcoming Nervousness: Participants will develop strategies to manage and overcome nervousness for a polished and poised presentation demeanor.

Effective Rehearsal Techniques: Development of rehearsal strategies that improve confidence with slide content and flow, enhancing overall presentation delivery.





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*Established Countries include the following: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, China (SAR), Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (Republic of), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.

** Emerging Countries include all other countries not mentioned in the list above. Please reach out to Heliana Sula at for your discounted rate promo code.

PLEASE NOTE-The “Emerging Countries” membership level is NOT available for those living or working in an “Established Country”. All applications will be verified


We are ready to help your MSL team excel! Reach out to Heliana Sula at to learn more about what we can do for your team.


“MSL training and presentation course was spot on perfect to what MSLs need. The training covered all the right topics and the structure of everything flowed exceptionally well. It is limited to a small group to allow very individualized attention and feedback. I recommend this for all MSLs regardless of their years of experience.”

Tina M. Buehner, PhD

Medical Science Liaison, GE Healthcare

” I believe the MSL Societies ‘Presentation Skills Training Course’ will be among the most influential training experiences I will have in my MSL career. What made this such a powerful course was it not only helped me develop the tools to become an effective presenter but devoted a substantial amount of time educating me on the role of the MSL, how KOLs perceive us, and how to successfully establish and maintain the MSL:KOL relationship. I would whole heartily recommend this training course for all MSLs early in their career. Lastly, I learned the value and power of the surveys the society ask MSL to partake in. TAKE PART IN THE MSL SOCIETY SURVEYS!!!! “

Robert A. Johnson, PhD

Regional Associate Director, Scientific Affairs, AcelRx

” I recently attended the MSL communication course in Durham, NC in June 2019. Overall, I thought that the three-day course was incredibly helpful. The course was well organized and provided a great opportunity to review the best practices for KOL interactions and to improve your speaking skills. Both Samuel and Heliana provided great constructive feedback on how to improve our presentation skills and practical examples of how to implement the best practices for improving our KOL relationships. Even though I have worked as a MSL for a few years, this course provided valuable insights on the MSL role and a great framework for improving my communication skills.”

Trevor Pitcher, PhD

Director Medical Affairs, Biodesix, Inc.

“This course is ideal for new and veteran MSLs alike. Dr. Dyer’s insights into the practical world of MSL activity reflect the wealth of his experience in the roles of MSL and MSL manager. The presentation skills portion is something everyone in a role require public speaking should seek out. I found the portion on KOL development and call planning to be most beneficial as a seasoned MSL. We had MSLs of various tenure in our class and I think everyone took away a valuable insight (or three). The ability to interact in a low-stress environment fostered significant learning opportunities and the ability to network. Dr. Dyer and Heliana were approachable hosts and went to great lengths to make sure we were comfortable for the duration of the course. Thank you!”

Shylah D. Kirch MBA, BSN, RN

Medical Science Liaison, Thermo Fisher Scientific

” Fantastic program. I’d recommend this to any new MSL, as well as those with more experience. It was a nice mix of presentation skills and deep dives on being the best MSL you can be. I came away feeling empowered and motivated, and have a much better appreciation for how an MSL can provide value to KOLs. Additionally, despite over 3 years’ of presentation experience, Samuel and his team offered very critical and relevant advise to improve my storytelling, and useful techniques to maximize scientific exchange. I’d happily recommend this to other MSLs.”

Nicholas Kuypers, PhD

MSL Trainer, Reata Pharmaceuticals

” It was a great pleasure to meet a professional and friendly environment right from the start. The presentation and communication skills was assessed right away, with input, advice and recommendations following through the course of the next days. There was efficient training for the newly hired MSLs that provided the tools of how to interact with KOLs, commercial and clinical teams, infusing valuable tips for conference venues and clinical trials. The program is constructed so you can evaluate yourself and bring home the elements you can work on and develop to become a successful MSL.”

Vadim Gulca, MD

MSL, Vericel Corporation

” I attended the MSL presentation and communication training in May 2019 in Berlin, Germany. As a relative new and unexperienced MSL, I can say that this training was extremely helpful for me in terms of many things: Although I knew in theory about the role of an MSL before, it helped me to understand better the MSL role and activities, and the need of a MSL for both the company and the KOLs, in particular in terms of added value. Moreover, the training provided great information and practical tools for establishing successful KOL relationship. Amongst others, it shows you how to plan and execute a meeting with a KOL (pre, during, post meeting). Finally, the practical part regarding presentation skills resulted in great improvements for all participants. Samuel is a great and convincing speaker who has a lot of practical real-world experience as MSL and MSL leader. The whole team including Samuel, Lisa, Heliana and Breyona made this training a very valuable experience in a comfortable, friendly but also professional atmosphere. Despite full agenda and lot of information, the whole 3-day training was always interesting, fascinating and interactive, and I have never got bored. I can recommend this training for both brand-new and experienced MSL. Every MSL can benefit from this training.”

Michael Seimetz, PhD

MSL , Correvio GmbH

” I attended the MSL Training in Berlin in May 2019 as a newly hired MSL. These three days were the best investment in my future career and I just cannot express enough how glad I am that I took part this event.The organisation was excellent, as well as the venue and the programme. Samuel is an outstanding speaker and has so much knowledge and expertise in the area. He shared precious insights and pushed the whole group to improve our presentation skills in a great extent during just these three days.The other organizers, Heliana, Lisa and Breyona, also went above and beyond to make this training exceptional. As a new MSL, I gained a thorough understanding of my role, received all the tools that I need to excel in my job and am now confident to face all the challenges that this role entails. I could not be more grateful to the whole MSL society team for their efforts, engagement and professionalism.”

Anna Kaczmarek, PhD

MSL , Baxter Healthcare

” I attended the MSL presentation and communication training last week (2/26-28/2019) in Raleigh, NC. On the training itself: the presentation skills portion of the 3-day training was very in-depth and I have to say that the video recorded practice was downright intimidating. I understand that practice must be more difficult than the game in order to improve. That being said, this MSL training program challenged my verbal (and non-verbal!) communication skills in a truly next-level fashion. At the end of the 3 days, I felt my delivery style had improved and I am confident that with more practice and use of the training strategies I’ll see continued improvement. Though my current position is different from the traditional MSL role, I found the KOL communication portion of the training to be highly applicable. I have already discussed plans with my manager to implement items directly from the training discussions on MSL key performance indicators and approaches to add value within KOL-interactions. Overall, I am very glad I attended- this was a thoroughly educational and impactful training. I feel strongly that my MSL-specific skill set was greatly benefited. I hope to attend the conference later this year to learn more and to expand my MSL network.”

Hannah Baker, PhD

Scientific Liaison, ACell, Inc.


Michael Seimetz, PhD

Medical Science Liaison
Correvio GmbH

Charlotte Bouckaert, PhD

Medical Science Liaison
Werfen NV/SA

Anna Kaczmarek, PhD

Medical Science Liaison
Baxter Healthcare


Can we a have an in-person version of this training for our MSL team?

YES. We can offer a customized training which includes email communications among the topics. Contact Heliana Sula, COO of the MSL Society, at

What are some things I have to prepare for before the training?
Ensure your technical setup is ready, including familiarizing the platform, having a stable internet connection, and a functional webcam/microphone. Also prepare something for you to take notes on, such as a notebook or a virtual note-taking app.
Do you offer team licenses?

YES. Contact Heliana Sula, COO of the MSL Society, at

Can aspiring MSLs enroll in this virtual training?
NO. While we understand that aspiring MSLs want to improve their skills, this training is best suited for those who are already in the MSL role.
What skills will I acquire after enrolling in this program?

You can find the full list of learning outcomes here