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Medical Science Liaison-Board Certification® badge.

MSL Board Certification (MSL- BC®)

Elevating the MSL profession through higher standards of professionalism, competence,
and industry recognition.

The MSL-BC’s Certification Handbook provides you detailed information about the Medical Science Liaison-Board Certification (MSL-BC®) credential and what it means to the profession. You will find important information regarding the exam content as well as a guide through the certification experience. The Certification Handbook covers:
✔ What Is A Certification?
✔ Benefits of Certification
✔ Certificate vs. Certification – How Are They Different?
✔ How the MSL-BC® Exam was Developed
✔ Eligibility Criteria
✔ Examination Fees
✔ Examination Application Checklist
✔ Registering and scheduling the exam
✔ MSL-BC® Examination Detailed Content Outline
✔ Preparing for the Exam
✔ Passing Score
✔ Certification policies and procedures
✔ And more!