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Educational MSL-BC® Webinars

Three MSL Leaders Who Helped Develop the MSL Board Certification Discuss Why It’s Important

April 22, 2020

The New MSL Board Certification: What it Means for You and the MSL Community

March 27, 2020

Perceptions of the MSL-BC® – Survey Results

What is your current role?

How would you classify your company?

How many years of MSL and/or MSL management experience do you have?

Should there be industry recognized standards for the MSL profession determined by a large group of independent MSL leaders?

Should MSLs be expected to pass an independent examination which evaluates their knowledge, skills, and competencies based upon a predetermined standardized criteria for the MSL profession?

As an MSL Manager, would you give preference to an applicant (MSL) that held the MSL-BC® Credential?

Do you think the MSL-BC® is valuable to the MSL profession?

Do you think the MSL-BC® will have a positive impact on the MSL profession?

Do you think there should be a hiring preference given to those that have earned the MSL-BC® Credential?

Do you think earning the MSL-BC® Credential could possibly benefit your career?