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Frequently Asked Questions

As you can imagine, we receive several emails and inquiries related to the MSL-BC® every day! We thought it would be helpful to gather a collection of the most common questions we receive and make it available to you! Check out the MSL-BC® frequently asked questions below.


How do I showcase the MSL-BC® on my LinkedIn profile?

If you have passed the MSL-BC® exam, why not show off your professional accomplishment, on your professional profile? We have put together a quick visual tutorial to help you showcase your new credential, knowledge and skills on your LinkedIn profile here.

Is there a Directory of MSL-BC Certified Professionals?

MACC maintains a directory of certified individuals which is available to the public. Anyone wishing to confirm the name of a certified individual, their certification number, the date of their certification expiration, and the date of their recertification can do so by contacting MSL SOCIETY/MACC at: 

Beyond what is stated above, access to individual records may only be granted when there has been expressed written permission from the applicant, candidate, or certificant or as part of other legal processes to release such information, as seen in a court order. 

How often is the MSL-BC® offered?

The exam schedule is rolling enrollment, meaning you can schedule and take your exam at a date and time that is convenient for you.

However, you must schedule your exam through ProctorU and adhere to that schedule. Candidates must sign onto the testing portal no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled time of the exam. It is recommended that you arrive 15 minutes early to set up your equipment and conduct the verification process. You will have four (4) hours to complete the exam.


What are equivalent titles to Medical Science Liaison?

Many companies use various alternatives to the Medical Science Liaison title, even though the roles have similar or equivalent responsibilities. Some alternate and equivalent titles include but are not limited to:

  • Clinical Liaison
  • Clinical Science Consultant
  • Clinical Science Liaison
  • Clinical Science Specialist
  • Clinical Specialist
  • Clinical Trial Educator
  • Clinical Trial Liaison
  • Field Medical Director
  • Global Medical Advisor
  • Market Access Liaison
  • Medical Advisor
  • Medical Development Advisor
  • Medical Liaison
  • Medical Liaison Manager
  • Medical Manager
  • Medical Outcomes Liaison
  • Medical Relationship Manager
  • Medical Science Consultant
  • Medical Science Manager
  • Medical Scientific Director
  • Medical Scientist
  • Molecular Science Liaison
  • Precision Medicine Liaison
  • Regional Medical Advisor
  • Regional Medical Director
  • Regional Medical Liaison
  • Regional Medical Manager
  • Regional Medical Scientist
  • Regional Scientific Manager
  • Remote Medical Liaison
  • Scientific Affairs Manager


Will the MSL-BC® help aspiring MSLs break into the MSL role?

Note – This certification is NOT available for Aspiring MSLs (i.e. those trying to break into the MSL career). All applicants must legally attest that they meet all the following requirements, which is subject to verification.

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree or higher from a regionally or nationally accredited educational institution (a copy of the candidate’s highest degree or transcript must be provided at the time of registration); and
  2. At least one (1) year of cumulative experience working full-time as a Medical Science Liaison (or equivalent title) or leading a Medical Science Liaison team.


How much does it cost to take the MSL-BC® certification exam?

The MSL-BC® is available to all members and non-members of the MSL Society that meet requirements. Non-members will pay $550 USD for the first attempt, and $400 USD for each retake. Members will pay $450 USD for the first attempt and $300 USD for each retake.

*MSL Society member discount only applies to “professional level membership.

Fees must be paid by credit card or PayPal in US Dollars.


Where could we find resources or what resources would be helpful to prepare for the MSL-BC® exam?

Candidates should prepare thoroughly prior to taking the MSL-BC® examination. To help prepare for the examination, candidates should review both the Details About the MSL-BC® Exam as well as the Examination Detailed Content Outline sections in the MSL-BC® handbook.



Refer to the References section of the MSL-BC® handbook for a list of references which can be used to prepare for the examination.

These references should not be considered the only possible study option nor should examination candidates feel like they need to read all of the references as they are provided for informational purposes only.

After carefully reviewing the Examination Detailed Content Outline section and identifying individual learning needs, examination candidates should identify additional references and study opportunities as necessary.


What topics does the MSL-BC® exam cover?

To learn more about topics covered in the MSL-BC® exam:

  1. Download the MSL-BC® Candidate Handbook
  2. Click on “Medical Science Liaison-Board Certification (MSL-BC®) Examination Detailed Content Outline” within the table of contents (please see image below)
  3. There you will find ALL topics, skills and special knowledge tested and covered on the MSL-BC® exam
    Screenshot of the MSL-BC® Candidate Handbook table of contents highlighting the Examination Detailed Content Outline on page 15.


















The Medical Science Liaison Society DOES NOT sponsor or endorse any specific educational courses; even if the course is advertised as a “prep” or “review” course for the exam. Those creating these courses DO NOT have ANY inside information about the exam. The Medical Science Liaison Society is not affiliated with any organizations claiming to prepare one for the MSL-BC® examination. You should not expect them to directly cover exam content. The same information that is included in this handbook to help you prepare is publicly available to those creating any “review” courses or materials. After completing the exam, the results will be verified and an official score report will be emailed to the candidate within 3 weeks. The score report provides information on whether the candidate passed or failed the examination and the number of questions correctly answered. The passing score reflects the standard a committee of experts has determined to be appropriate for certification, according to accepted testing development guidelines. For those who achieve a passing score, details explaining the MSL-BC® credential, how to use it, and information regarding the 3-year certification period will be included. In addition to a score report, passing candidates will also receive a downloadable version of the certificate from the Medical Science Liaison Society Certification Committee. For those who do not achieve a passing score, a confirmation email will be sent which will include information regarding the retake process, fees, and details on how to prepare for the exam. Under no circumstances will scores or passing information be released over the phone or online. Examination questions and answers will not be released to candidates.