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MSL-BC® Eligibility Requirements

The Medical Science Liaison – Board Certification (MSL-BC®) is designed for professionals that have experience working as a Medical Science Liaison (or equivalent title) or leading a Medical Science Liaison team. As a result, experience working as a Medical Science Liaison or MSL leader is required of all certification candidates; those aspiring to break into the MSL profession are NOT eligible.

All MSLs and MSL leaders, including international applicants outside of the United States, are encouraged to take the examination if qualified. However, be advised that the exam and many references used to develop it are US based and reflective of US regulations as well as global guidance documents.


Specific eligibility requirements include:

  1. Bachelor’s degree or higher from a regionally or nationally accredited educational institution. A copy of the candidate’s highest degree or transcript must be provided at the time of registration.
  2. One (1) year of cumulative experience working full-time as a Medical Science Liaison (or equivalent title) or leading a Medical Science Liaison team. (See Appendix A in the MSL-BC® Candidate Handbook for equivalent titles)


Note: This certification is NOT intended for sales, marketing, or other non-MSL related functions within a company. All candidates must legally attest that they meet all the above requirements, which are subject to verification.

Individuals have the right to appeal decisions made by the Medical Science Liaison Society regarding certain eligibility requirements for certification.

Pass/fail examination scores are not appealable.

An individual may submit a written appeal regarding eligibility requirements for certification via email to

Exam Eligibility Appeal

(Download the Form here)

 A MSL-BC® certification candidate may request an appeal to contest his or her eligibility to sit for the exam. The Medical Affairs Certification Committee reserves the right to deny any applicant request that does not meet the eligibility criteria as set forth in Policy 15.01, “Eligibility Requirements”. An appeal of an MSL-BC® certification application may be denied for any of the following reasons:

  • Requirements Not Satisfied – A declined candidate, because of not satisfying the eligibility requirements to sit for the MSL-BC® certification exam, may reapply once all requirements have been satisfied.
  • Pending Legal/Regulatory Issues – A declined application as the result of a pending legal issue would be brought before the MACC Certification Appeals Committee and possibly the MACC Ethics Committee. The candidate would need to provide proof of resolution and resubmit a new application.
  • Decision of the MACC Certification Appeals Committee or Ethics Committee –A candidate, whose application has been reviewed by the MACC Certification Appeals Committee or Ethics Committee and has been declined, will not be permitted to appeal the decision of the Ethics Committee and would therefore remain ineligible to sit for the

 The MACC Certification Appeals Committee reviews certification application appeals. The MSL-BC® Certification Staff shall notify the candidate of the committee’s decision in written form. Appeals are filed by submitting the “MACC Exception Request/Appeal Form” found in Appendix 4 of these Policies and Procedures. It is the responsibility of the candidate to submit the Form and supporting documentation within thirty (30) days of notification of ineligibility to the MSL-BC® Certification Staff.   Once the Form has been received, the candidate/certificant can expect a written response in approximately thirty to forty-five (30 to 45) days. An appeal decision by the MACC Certification Appeals Committee is final and not subject to further appellate review.