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Medical Science Liaison-Board Certification® badge.

MSL-BC® Application Checklist

Before you begin the certification application process, be sure to:


  1. Read the entire Medical Science Liaison – Board Certification (MSL-BC®) Candidate Handbook

The Certification Handbook contains all the information you need to know about the exam and it is important that the document be read in full. You are required to attest to having read this information when submitting an exam application.


  1. Verify Your Medical Science Liaison Society Membership Status

In order to take advantage of the reduced member fee, you must be a current member of the Medical Science Liaison Society before beginning the application process. Log in to verify your membership status.

If you wish to join before applying for your exam, you may join online at If you are not interested in joining, proceed with the application process. Participation in the certification program is voluntary and open to anyone meeting the eligibility requirements. Membership in the Medical Science Liaison Society is NOT required.


  1. Submit Your Application

Submit your application online. All required elements (application and supporting documentation) must be submitted at the same time. Applications must be completed online. All communication with applicants will be administered via email only.

The application must be completed by selecting “yes” on the “Attestation and Eligibility Requirements Agreement” section of the application. Incomplete applications will be unprocessed.

An acknowledgement of the candidate’s application will be provided via email within 24 business hours of application submission.