What has winning the award meant to you?

For me, winning this award means the recognition of many years living a very intense passion for the position of MSL. I have always believed that our position is vital and necessary within the pharmaceutical industry.

I have spent many years working as a MSL and trying to convey the essence of the role in different forums (MSL lectures, Master Classes, MBA sessions, specific MSL talks, coordination and participation in work groups to improve our position, etc). This recognition has made me very happy and I hope to continue working with great enthusiasm in the different projects we have underway. There is still a lot to be done.

Why did you enter the competition?

When I saw the first call for the award I was happily surprised. It was the first time a medical affairs position was valued for recognition. I was very interested in knowing how the MSL Society was going to evaluate the different profiles. I think they did a great job considering all the competences within the role.

I got into it quickly but it took several weeks to get all the answers, justifications and documentation. It was not an easy task to have everything for the submission, but it was worth it.

How do these awards benefit the MSL community?

I believe that any activity that reveals our role within the pharmaceutical industry and outside is very positive for the promotion of our role. We have always seen the job of our sales colleagues recognized, but never that of a figure in the medical department.

Opportunities like this are what make the reputation of our daily work grow by helping doctors so that more patients benefit from the best treatments.

As someone who has been recognized for their excellence within the MSL profession, what advice would you give other in our professionals?

As I mentioned in the award ceremony, the important thing is not the salary or the reputation that you can have as a MSL. What really matters is that you work with passion in all the activities that you carry out in your day to day with doctors, societies and teammates. If you work truly believing in your role as an expert and giving the best of yourself, you will achieve success in everything you do and you will feel successful.

What do you think are some of the keys to being successful within the MSL profession?

I think the key to our position is to be clear about our role. We are very well trained experts who help the the medical community make sound decisions based on published scientific data. It is always based solely on the available scientific information and never by promoting drugs. You must be clear about that “double red line” that separates the information from the promotion. If you are clear about this starting point, you can start to play with enthusiasm and the good results will come along.

A tip for aspirants, as I always say, is that if you want to be a MSL “you have to feel very good on your own” most of your time in the field you are alone, you are your own time and visit manager, your own travel companion and many times you have to share your success and your failures only with yourself.