The MSL Community Speaks on the Annual MSL Society Conference

The MSL society annual conference is a unique opportunity to enhance the MSL role around the world and across our industry by learning from each other and networking.Whether you’re a new MSL, MSL to be, or an experienced field medical leader, the program is designed so that there’s something for everyone!This year we’ll be recognizing and celebrating our peers that have gone above and beyond during our first ever MSL and MSL manager of the year awards.

Arthur Chan, PhD, MBA

Executive Director, Head of MSL Capabilities, Dev, & Training, - Novartis

Being an MSL means working in a silo whether at home or on the road.  Attending the MSL Society meeting means learning from others and improving the non-scientific parts of our jobs. Working smarter could never be more important than in 2018. New MSls get an opportunity to network and learn from seasoned MSLs. Plus it is a lot of FUN!!

Karen Debusk, MSN

Associate Director of Clinical Science Liaisons, - Biogen

The MSL Society meeting gives me the opportunity to interact with MSLs from around the globe, to share my experiences with current and aspiring MSLs and to learn new skills at the same time. Our role is always evolving and it is a tremendous opportunity to be there and learn from the best in the business. I look forward every year to attend to see friends and to network with new aspiring MSLs for mentorships and future opportunities to advance their career.

Jihad Rizkallah, MD

Director of MSLs, - Sunovion Pharmaceuticals

The value of the MSL Society Annual Conference is to participate and attend a conference dedicated to advancing the MSL role and careers in medical affairs.  As an attendee, you will be able to network, participate in workshops, attend educational sessions and gain insights that will propel your MSL career or your medical affairs career.

Deb Profant, PhD

Associate Director, Managed Markets, - Jazz Pharmaceuticals

MSL training is vital to successful, ongoing MSL development and the MSLS Annual Conference brings a variety of training and networking options that are economical.  It’s most efficient and productive to have my entire MSL team attend the MSLS Annual Conference.  We plan and budget for this annual training event!  In fact, if I told my MSL team we were not attending the MSLS Annual Conference, they would revolt!

Cherie Hyder, PharmD

Head of Medical Affairs, - Alimera Sciences

The MSL Society Annual Conference consistently provides numerous inspirational and educational sessions for anyone in field Medical. From new MSLs to tenured MSLs, Managers, Directors and beyond, all can gain valuable insights from attending the presentations and actively participating in the numerous networking opportunities. I have participated in the MSL Society Annual Conference since its inception and I have never been disappointed. Each year fresh new topics are added to the conference based on the feedback that is received from the attendees. Not only does the Conference grow in numbers but also in quality and value.  I am consistently amazed with the bright, talented and innovative men and women that attend the conference.  Who knows, you might just find your next new MSL team member at the conference!

Elizabeth Kupferer, PhD

Regional Director, - Novartis

We are excited to sponsor because our core focus at CAST PHARMA is developing learning and training tools fro MSLs. We see the Annual Conference as a chance to learn more first-hand about the demands and challenges of the profession. We’re looking forward to the excellent networking opportunities, as well as, seeing professional development for Medical Science Liaisons in action!

Colin Cascia

Project Manager, - CAST PHARMA