What has winning the award meant to you?

Winning the “MSL of the Year- U.S” has been a culmination of my passion for medicine coupled with a strong belief that physicians value “clinicians” and the expertise they bring to them for making well informed decisions for their patients. This belief is predicated on the “evidence based medicine” as the benchmark and having a continuum of  dialogue on the latest evolution of data in their respective specialty. I have enjoyed working directly with physicians in many specialties to impact healthcare and ultimately make a remarkable impact on the lives of patients. The award signifies Excellence as an Medical Science Liaison and I am honored to be the inaugural recipient of this award.


Why did you enter the competition?

I have spent my entire career striving to the the absolute best in the MSL field. I have focused my many years in the bio pharmaceutical industry to learn, craft, and ultimately master the role. My team at AbbVie would always tell me how much of an impact my role made in the lives of patients and I felt this was a compelling reason to enter. Coupled with winning multiple awards at AbbVie, this was an excellent time to enter this competition.


How do these awards benefit the MSL community?

 These awards are the platform to recognize Excellence in the MSL role. This award has brought a spotlight to this role and allowed me to build my brand of leadership through winning the award. It’s also allowed me to share with many interested individuals, the facets of the role that are rarely spoken about. These include great interpersonal skills, high emotional intelligence, strong intellect for medicine and treatment paradigms, and the ability to work with many cross-functional partners.


As someone who has been recognized for their excellence within the MSL profession, what advice would you give others in our profession?

 I would tell others to always strive for excellence and continue to work and drive our profession with leadership, passion, and a high level of emotional intelligence. Excellence is a culmination of discipline, passion, and execution. I wake up every day wanting to make a difference and that is what will set you apart.


What do you think are some of the keys to being successful within the MSL profession?

 I think the keys include a passion for medicine, treatment paradigms, excellent communication skills, high emotional intelligence (EQ), and the ability to work with many cross-functional colleagues to enrich the lives of patients. We put the patient at the center of everything we do. It also helps to be a road warrior :).