What has winning this award meant to you?

Winning this award was a complete surprise yet represents a symbol of appreciation from my peers and healthcare professionals. Being the “MSL Rookie of the Year” is an honor and gives me motivation to help those who are pursuing this career path. It’s truly a rewarding profession and am grateful that the MSL Society supports our success.

Why did you enter this competition?

The MSL Society helped me land my first position by providing resources and networking opportunities. I decided to accept the nomination because having recognition of a job well done by the MSL Society would be (and is!) an honor. I felt that being selected would be a long-shot, since I knew other qualified and successful nominated MSLs.

How do these awards benefit the MSL community?:

These awards benefit the MSL community by bringing together and recognizing those in the profession from across companies. When MSLs from different backgrounds come together, great ideas to help each other do better can be exchanged.


As someone who has been recognized for their excellence within the MSL profession, what advice would you give other in our professionals?

I’m honored to be recognized for excellence within the MSL profession but I do realize that I am still learning. I’ve been an MSL for one year and am picking up new skills everyday. That being said, my advice for others in our profession would be to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Ultimately, we are here to help patients and that may be easily forgotten during our day to day activities.


What do you think are some of the keys to being successful within the MSL profession?:

Some of the keys to being successful within the MSL profession include teamwork, compassion, and intentional listening. Being a team player is essential to this profession. My teammates are my support system for any question, problem, advice, scientific information, etc… Our management fosters strong team mentality and everyone benefits. Without compassion for the disease state and patients, MSLs would not have the motivation to do our job effectively and to bring back meaningful insights to our internal colleagues from our external experts. Lastly, intentional listening is key to understanding what our external experts (and internal colleagues) are really saying and drives your conversation in a way that benefits everyone involved, rather than just yourself. There are many more attributes to being successful as an MSL but these are a few to consider.