Why is it important to network in the MSL profession? Networking provides the basis to leverage your existing relationships, while creating new ones that broaden your reach both personally and professionally.


What are 3 tips MSLs should use when networking?

  • Always make great eye contact and listen with “intent”
  • Continue to build the relationship via email and face to face meetings when possible
  • Allow your network to learn about your personally as it shows “authenticity”


How has effective networking impacted your MSL career?

Networking is the single biggest reason I have been successful. It’s allowed me to interview and gain exposure to new opportunities in my professional life. All of my MSL jobs have come from networking. It’s allowed me to “brand” myself as a field based leader.


In your opinion, how does effective networking relate to success in the MSL role? Networking is one of the key elements of success, when done effectively. It requires some strong interpersonal skills, authenticity, and always looking for opportunities to help others in the process. Come to my session at the  MSLS in Las Vegas and learn more.