Why is fostering ethical interactions important in the MSL profession?

Ethics is often seen as a proscriptive activity – telling you what you cannot do. However, understanding the context and principles behind medical ethics can be freeing. Along with well-drafted SOPs, thorough documentation of communications, and experience, a basic understanding of healthcare ethics is essential for navigating the issues Medical Affairs professionals deal with.  

What are two ways an MSL can master this concept?

The workshop is an introduction to healthcare ethics – it would be impossible to cover the minutia of the principles. Since the 1970’s there have been new centers, new journals, and new graduate programs established to study healthcare ethics. Therefore, attending the workshop alone would not make one an expert, rather it is meant to foster discussion, increase our communal awareness, and be able to have hit the “pause” button for thoughtful discernment. 

What is one way fostering ethical interactions can impact an MSL’s career long-term?

As MSLs, we are the stewards of medical information; we develop and maintain peer-level relationships with HCPs and researchers. These relationships, grounded in trust and respect, allows us to have thoughtful discussions and share insights. Being able to manage these relationships with professional integrity elevates our credibility with our KOLs while maintaining customer-focus and patient-centricity.