In your opinion, what qualities determine if an MSL is ready to lead?

Leadership is vast word: Anyone within an organization has the potential to become a leader, but managers must be leaders. A manager who cannot lead is not able to build trust and create engagement within an organization to get to where they need to go. So taking your question at the first degree, I would say every MSL “should” be ready to lead But I think you are asking me, how do you know? how do MSL  truly know they are ready to take the helm of a team? Stepping into a leadership role means taking on new responsibilities and being aware of the learning curve associated with it. What has made you successful as an MSL might not exactly make you successful in your new role: ever heard of “what got you here, might not get you there…”? For me, the first qualities that would show a readiness to lead would be: Being humble, accountable and having shown that taking ownership when needed does not scare you: humble to accept that, yes, you will make mistakes but you will make yourself accountable. As a leader, you’ll be on a whole new level of accountability, and it’s more important than ever that you take ownership of mistakes and failures.

How can becoming a leader affect an MSL’s career?

I believe leadership is a choice, not a rank. So we can lead anywhere, in any organization. “It’s choosing to look out for the person on your left and to look out for the person on your rightYou might never lead a team, but nothing will prevent you from growing into an amazing and recognized leader by putting others ahead of yourself- that is the practice of leadership. Also looking for opportunities to take care of others is like a boomerang; it will come right back to you.

Why do you think this topic is important to address?

Because showing Brave leadership is much more than a conversation about managing a team at work. When the heart is open and free and we’re connected to our emotions and understand what they’re telling us, new worlds open up for us, including better decision-making and critical thinking, and the powerful experiences of empathy, self-compassion and resilience.” B.Brown

Self-awareness and the knowledge we gather from being brave is all about finding power from within; to summon the strength to do the right thing, no matter how difficult it might be. The beauty of  this really is that it can then be applied at home, in volunteer and community organizations, or at work… how about that?