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Key Opinion Leaders Reveal the Value of Medical Science Liaisons

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About this Report

​Building on two previous surveys conducted with KOLs, this third survey reveals what Medical Science Liaisons provide that KOLs find most valuable as well as new insights into KOL preferences for engaging with MSLs. Understanding how and what KOLs value about MSLs is crucial to the long-term success and impact of MSLs.

KOL Interactions with MSLs during the COVID-19 Pandemic Follow-Up Study Infographic.

Survey Methodology

As a result, a total of 245 KOLs representing 29 specialties, all based in the USA, completed the survey and are included. A KOL research firm was hired to conduct a survey with KOLs in the USA. An online survey was created and open from June 3rd – 21st, 2021, and sent to KOLs across the USA. Partial responses were included in the demographic data in this report. Respondents were only allowed to participate one time and duplicate surveys from a single email address were not accepted. The survey results were not weighted.

Only Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) that responded that they interacted at least 1-2 times with a Medical Science Liaison (MSL) in the last 12 months were included in the data presented in this report. KOLs self-identified their specialty of medicine.

As a result, a total of 203 KOLs representing 33 specialties, all based in the USA, completed the survey and are included.