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KOL Relationship Development, Communication, and Maximizing Performance

Learn how to develop meaningful KOL relationships through effective communication while maximizing performance

Learn to effectively use your emotional intelligence to personalize interactions with KOLs

Developing mutually beneficial relationships with KOLs is the job of an MSL. This means you need to be skilled at communicating effectively with KOLs and personalize interactions through emotional intelligence to maximize your performance and get the most out of every engagement. Unfortunately, many MSLs do not receive the proper training on how to effectively use their emotional intelligence to build strong relationships with KOLs. This training provides the knowledge necessary to effectively use your emotional intelligence to personalize interactions and build professional relationships with KOLs.

Program Overview

The program will focus on how MSLs should maximize performance, the value of the MSL from the KOL’s perspective and what can be done to improve relationships (based on recent data), how to effectively use Emotional Intelligence and personalize interactions when engaging with KOLs, and how to maximize KOL interactions based on global studies conducted by the MSL Society.

This training will be positioned as to how to maximize their role as an MSL. The training style will be informal and interactive. There will be highly individualized workshop activities throughout the day. The skills gained in the program will provide participants a strong foundation of communications skills to be successful in their MSL career. The training will provide unique insights and skills to participating MSLs, which will enable them to stand out from other MSLs when engaging with KOLs and how to add value to the relationship.


Training Topics include:

  • Effective KOL Interactions
  • How to add value to KOLs
  • Communication Skills
  • Insight Gathering Skills
  • Making complex slides simpler to understand
  • Dealing with difficult stakeholders more confidently
  • Objection Handling Skills
  • Building Long Term Relationships


  • KOL Pre-Visit Planning
    • What does being prepared look like
    • How to prepare
    • Developing a strategy
    • Objection Handling Skills
  • KOL Visit
    • How to approach
    • Difficult vs demanding KOLs
    • How to build credibility
    • The importance of Communication Skills
  • KOL Post-Visit Planning
    • Model and tool on how to capture insights
    • Next Steps
    • Summary

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how MSLs can provide the greatest value to KOLs
  • Demonstrate techniques for improving communication with KOLs
  • Learn how to build long term KOL relationships
  • Learn how to use emotional intelligence to improve effectiveness
  • Learn effective communication skills and techniques to be successful when engaging with KOLs
  • Gain techniques to establish and build your credibility with KOLs and other HCPs
  • Learn how to deal with difficult questions from KOLs
  • Understand what 1,100+ KOLs want and value from MSLs

Who Should Attend?

This program is ideal for any MSL or MSL leader interested in gaining new skills and confidence to effectively engage with and add value to KOLs including:

  • Recently hired MSLs
  • Experienced MSLs interested in additional training
  • MSL Managers
  • MSL Trainers

      Live In-Person Program

      Dates: TBD

      Location: TBD

      Price: TBD


      We have limited seats for our next training.



      We realize every MSL team is different and training needs are different for each team! As a result, our programs are customized to fit within a team’s budget and training needs. We are happy to provide an immediate proposal based on the following details:

      • Number of participants
      • How long the training program will last (hours/days)
      • Level of customization needed

      Multiple training program Benefits and Discounts

      Many companies opt for a combination of multiple virtual training programs/topics. Some of the advantages include:

      • Continuous Learning – The skills covered in our programs are designed to build upon and enhance others across multiple topics
      • Flexibility – Combining various training topics allows leadership to easily and efficiently adjust to the new skills needed for an evolving virtual environment
      • Cost-Effectiveness – Discounts are available when combining 3 or more training programs (View all Training Programs)


      Contact Heliana Sula, Chief Operating Officer, ( to schedule a call to discuss details.

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      Some of our Testimonials

      What some MSL Leaders Say About Our Live Training Programs

      “We recently, in 2023, invited Samuel Dyer from the MSL Society to provide training and education on actionable insights for our entire medical affairs department.  We found it to be a highly valuable program for our MSL teams, as well as our home office team who are one of our internal stakeholders for field insights. The training really helped us understand what an actionable insight is and how to improve the way we collect them from HCPs, report them internally, and take action with new strategies and tactics. Dr. Dyer is an excellent presenter and trainer and he kept us engaged, and motivated to learn and also made the training a lot of fun. The program will definitely help us improve the way we think about insights. I highly recommend this training to all medical affairs teams and based on our positive experience, I will definitely be looking to the MSL Society for future trainings and programs."
      Jesse LoVerme, PhD

      Executive Director MSLs, Acadia Pharmaceuticals Inc.

      “It has been a real pleasure having Samuel Dyer and the MSLS team with us for a 1-day training course about Actionable Insights. We had high expectations about this course, but these have been fully met! Samuel is a wonderful trainer and brought high levels of engagement and interactivity to the team. Based on practical exercises, we learned what medical insights are, how they drive strategic decision-making, and what makes these insights actionable. Our Novo Nordisk BeLux Medical Affairs team will certainly benefit a lot from this course! I highly recommend MSL Society!”
      Eline Van Craeyveld, PhD

      Medical Affairs Manager, Novo Nordisk

      "These are exciting times for Medical Affairs as it is becoming an important strategic partner of modern pharma. As the Medical Affairs leadership continues to evolve, MSLs play a key role in developing and disseminating science for better patient care impacting their lives.  Samuel and the MSL Society have delivered a high-level keynote session with excellent feedback by our team. The well-structured session, the robust content, and the high level of interaction coupled with Samuel’s passion was of inspiration for the team. We’re grateful for all the passion and dedication you and Heliana Sula have for the MSLs. We’re looking forward to our next collaborations."

      Suada Meto, MD

      Global Medical Affairs Manager, Menarini Group

      "Samuel provided our MSL team at Chiesi a tailored, well-designed, and delivered education program focused on HCP/KOL interaction preparation and follow-up best practices. The program was very interactive allowing the team members the opportunity to learn and exchange ideas. The team was engaged and the feedback was incredibly positive. Samuel’s professional and personal insight was evident and positively impacted my team. We are currently planning for our next session."

      Anthony Compton, PharmD

      Director, Medical Affairs Critical Care, Chiesi

      "Samuel and the MSL society training program was tailored with a comprehensive set of real-world data as well as interactive workshops.  With a variety of experience levels on the team, the training allowed everyone to take away valuable tools and insights.  Great foundational course curriculum."

      Nicholas Grund, MBA

      President, Eurofins Transplant Genomics

      "Samuel and team prepared and delivered a robust, customized training program for our MSLs related to Gathering Actionable Insights and Maximizing the Value of KOL Engagements. MSL team members of varying levels of experience and tenure were able to benefit from the information provided over our two-day training retreat. We were provided training that was progressive, interactive, grounded in data, and it included enough live exercises to allow for our team members to share their experiences and to reinforce lessons learned. Samuel also provided great personal insight from his prior experience as an MSL and MSL leader to help improve our overall performance as a field medical team."

      Daniel Stevens, PharmD, BCPS

      Sr. Director, Medical Affairs, Veloxis

      "The MSL Society workshops were highly applicable, relevant, and will help the SUN MSL team become better in engaging KOLs and in collecting relevant insights. It was valuable to see the data-driven background and understand current best practices in the industry. The workbooks provided were valuable as well. Although all the workshops were conducted virtually, they were very engaging."

      Christine Ong, PharmD

      Head of Field Medical – Dermatology & Biologics, Sun Pharma

      "It was excellent opportunity for our Medical Directors to have Dr. Samuel Dyer and his team with us for 3 days at our Medical Medicine Management Conference in Vienna, Austria. For us at Boehringer Ingelheim, development of Medical Affairs and particularly our MSL teams is crucial and Samuel provided not only data from numerous surveys which the MSL Society has conducted over the past couple of years, but more importantly his experience and view on leadership and transformation within Medical Affairs. We were inspired with his tailored approach to our needs. For us as leaders in a time of transformation, it was a very impactful meeting and we are looking forward to future collaboration."
      Dr. Martin Ciernik

      Regional Medical Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim RCV

      "I am delighted with our decision to partner with MSL Society to provide training sessions for our team. Since the beginning, MSL Society was attentive to understand what we’re looking for and to customize presentations to meet the audience's needs. Samuel has an incredible ability to deliver his knowledge with impressive energy and passion in the MSL role. The training provided a great perspective on the MSL role expectation, all based on recent surveys. I don’t have enough words to thank you for the insightful, engaging, and valuable discussion you provided. I look forward to partnering with MSL Society soon again."

      Patricia Toniolo Vieira, MSc, PhD

      MSL Manager, Takeda Brazil

      "Thanks to Samuel, Heliana, and the MSL Society! My MSL team is fairly new and growing so the maximizing KOL engagements and Gathering Actionable Insights training programs was extremely timely for us. The content is applicable whether you are in pharma or medical device. The workbooks included in the training programs will allow us to further apply the workshop concepts and strategies in the real world!"

      Barbara Silvernail, PhD, MSN, RN

      MSL Director, North America, Bioventus

      "The KOL Relationship Development, Communication, & Maximizing Performance workshop provided by the Medical Liaison Society was incredibly insightful and rewarding for our team at Baudax Bio. As the workshop leader, Dr. Dyer was very engaging and provided data that was directly applicable to the field team's needs. Survey data was shared on what KOLs want to see and hear about from MSLs. Dr. Dyer also led breakouts of example situations for the team to break down and determine the best possible approach.  Throughout the day, I could observe our team evolve at analyzing a particular situation and determining the most likely successful approach. These approaches were edified by the survey data that the Medical Liaison Society has collected over the years from MSLs and KOLs. The feedback from the team was very positive and I would highly recommend this program."

      Joseph Medicis, PharmD, FASHP, FCP

      Vice President, Medical Affairs, Baudax Bio

      "I have sat through other workshops led by external vendors in the past, and these always fall short of expectations since the facilitators typically do not understand the MSL role. In contrast, the MSL Society led by Samuel with his years of experience in medical affairs, provides highly relevant training that teaches everyone, regardless of their experience level, something new and immediately applicable to their field activities. Additionally, the interactive training was customized for our team and kept everyone engaged. We can't wait to schedule training on additional topics with the MSL Society in the future!"

      Christiane Carney, PhD

      MSL Regional Leader, Taiho Oncology

      "The MSL Society’s virtual training program on maximizing performance provided valuable information on factors that drive success as well as excellent tactics for improving communication skills. The session was highly interactive, which enabled our team to work through real-world examples while learning new skills and techniques. An Insights Guide was also provided to help the team start to apply some of the principles and best practices learned. Overall, it was an engaging session and a really great experience for our Medical Affairs team. I would recommend this training to other medical teams looking to enhance their communication skills and maximize performance when engaging KOLs and HCPs."

      Holly Johnson, PhD

      Director of Medical Information, Myriad Neuroscience

      "The MSL Society training was an excellent experience for our entire MSL team and solidified our strategic approach to our customers. The art of gaining insights can mean different things to different people. As our team worked through the training concepts together, we gained a unified understanding of how leveraging our insights would increase our strength and value."

      Karen Rance, PhD

      Director of Medical Affairs, ALK

      “The MSL Society’s virtual training programs were a great jump start to the new year for our MSL team. The training provided a strong framework of metrics followed by discussions and exercises that were relevant to the current landscape yet applicable for all therapeutic areas in this industry. The MSL Society knows how to engage the team and keep the learning at a pace that’s conducive for learning and allows for constant team participation.

      Lynell D’Sylva, BSN, RN

      Associate Director, Medical Science Liaisons, American Regent

      “The Servier Medical Science Liaison (MSL) team, made up of both new and tenured professionals, participated in four virtual training sessions run by the Medical Science Liaison Society. The sessions provided a valuable learning platform for everyone on our team, and most importantly, offered us a space to have conversations about optimal ways of working for high-performing MSLs.”

      Maggie Zwierko, PhD, MS, CSCS

      Field Medical Lead, Servier Pharmaceuticals

      “ The MSL Society is a tremendous training partner.  The team is expert at developing and delivering relevant, specific, and applicable learning opportunities for our MSL and Medical Affairs colleagues.  Because of their complete integration into the MSL community, the MSL Society also always keeps the MSL needs at the center of the training and takes great effort to ensure that the topic or skills are going to be applicable in the field and improve the quality and value of KOL interactions. ”

      Belinda Gist, PhD

      Director, Medical Affairs Learning & Development, Kite Pharma, a Gilead Company

      “Samuel is a wonderful instructor. He is knowledgeable and presented real world data from recent surveys on MSL activity, competencies, and value as well as KOL perspectives in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape. Excellent interactive training course and excellent trainer!”

      Susan Malecha, PharmD

      Senior Director, Medical Affairs, Puma Biotechnology

      “Samuel from the MSL Society recently ran a three day workshop for our Medical Affairs team, a mixture of infield and office roles (who also go in the field). The program was well-received with feedback rating of 4.38/5 for “the program will help me work more efficiently or effectively in my role” where 5 is strongly agree. Most valuable learnings for the team were practical considerations for KOL engagement planning, insights capturing and sharing, structured processes to help decision making and effective KOL calls, clear communication tips, consistent terminology,  and importance of preparation.  The workshops had a good mix of discussion and information provision with a focus on immediate learnings that could be incorporated into real-life examples. Samuel has strong presentation and moderation skills and brings an immense amount of energy and passion that kept the energy high in the room throughout.”

      Jonathan Anderson, MD, PhD

      Regional Head of Medical Affairs, Asia Pacific, Seqirus

      “ We just had our MSL Meeting. One of the best decisions I made in preparation for the meeting was to partner with Samuel Dyer and the MSL Society. Samuel delivered a virtual training which was interactive and lively. He made the overall experience as if he was sitting right next to us in the same room even though we were a couple thousand miles away! I highly recommend Samuel and the MSL Society for MSL training especially virtual training which provided us more flexibility and the opportunity to schedule several sessions for our growing MSL team. We have already planned the next MSL Society training program taking place in a few months!”

      Victor Zaporojan, MD

      Director, Global Medical Affairs, Vericel Corporation

      “ With a field Medical team of different levels of experience, we approached Samuel Dyer and the MSL Society for a customized training session. Samuel and Heliana, built an agenda specific to our needs and customized their program to maximize the value to us. They clearly understood what we were looking for and delivered as promised! The session was excellent and the team was very pleased to have had the opportunity to attend. Samuel is very knowledgeable and the quality and breadth of his data were reflective of his extensive experience. I highly recommend the MSL Society!”

      Walid Shammas, MD

      Head, Medical Affairs, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

      “As our MSL team has rapidly expanded, there was a need to provide training for medical professionals who are new to industry and the MSL role.  The MSL Society did an outstanding job of listening to our objectives and designing a 3-day MSL onboarding program to meet our unique needs.  Samuel Dyer and his entire team worked tirelessly to ensure the training met our expectations and they did not disappoint.  They were a pleasure to work with and would highly recommend the MSL Society as a training resource for Medical Affairs Field Teams.”

      Cindy Maas

      Director, Hematology/Oncology Field Medical Team, Sanofi

      “On July 16-18, the Third Annual LATAM MSL Training was held in Lima, Peru. The Meetings main objectives aimed at upskilling MSL’s presentations and communication performance driving the skills development of our MSLs to the highest standards. Thirteen MSLs, both seniors and new comers, and four line managers participated in very interactive and hands on workshops, facilitated by the International MSL Society. The training was very fruitful, extremely enriching the MSLs’ experience as it merged communication skills with science contents. It was a great contribution to the LATAM MSLs daily work as they could practice with their own slides and learned how to deal with the most frequent and difficult situations during KOLs´ interactions. I am in hope of partnering with the MSL Society in future activities. Thanks to Dr Samuel Dyer & All MSL Society Team!”

      Marcio Pineli, MD

      Senior Medical Manager LATAM, Takeda

      “I can’t thank the MSL Society enough for the excellent workshop you conducted regarding KOL Relationship Development, Communication and Maximizing Performance.  The content you presented perfectly aligned to the needs of our team and was relevant to what we do every day.  I saw individual growth in the team members from one day to the next and as a whole found the workshop established a deeper team trust and a foundation of support.  Most importantly, I have already received great success stories from the team as they are implementing what they learned.  We look forward to working together again in the future and I would highly recommend the MSL Society training programs to others.”

      Carla Nikkel, RD, LD, CDE, CDTC

      Director, Medical Affairs, Valeritas

      “The Medical Science Liaison Society provides a great deal of up to date, pertinent and valuable resources (written, WebEx, live events) for Medical Science Liaisons (MSL), MSL Managers, Medical Affairs leadership as well as those wanting to enter in to the MSL role.   The Society pulls upon a vast amount of clinical experience from the members as well as a strong advisory board of experts in the field.  Dr. Samuel Dyer brings to the table a strong career background that includes the development and training of MSL teams.  Live and WebEx trainings for MSL candidates is extremely well received and feedback is very positive.  I feel the MSL Society would be a great choice for an MSL onboarding program.”

      Elizabeth Kupferer, PhD

      Regional Director, MSLs, Novartis

      "It has been a privilege to be involved in the MSL Society Presentation & Communication Skills program as a trainer in their cutting edge and most up to date educational programs. They have structured the programs to be highly interactive and provide the most important topics for training. From MSL function, best practices and regulatory guidelines to more complicated topics, such as metrics and ROIs. As a Medical leader in the Pharma world, I'm well aware of this changing environment and challenges facing MSL teams and managers."

      Michael Milane, MD, MBA

      Chief Medical Officer, Biofrontera Pharmaceuticals

      What some MSLs Say About Our Live Training Programs

      “I attended MSL Insights Training with the MSL Society, which was facilitated by Samuel Dyer. This was a great training program that provided lots of material, scenarios & content to help enable MSLs of all levels to learn practical skills to enhance peer-to-peer exchanges with key healthcare professionals & physicians. The training program is a great way to better understand how to really delve deep into the thought processes & planning needed for interacting with KOLs that MSLs do in their daily tasks. The information provided is timely – especially working in the post covid-19 environment & helps to understand the challenges MSLs face in the field."

      Kim Adams, MSc

      MSL, Ferrer

      “I attend the KOL Relationship Development, Communication, & Maximizing Performance training program with the MSL Society led by Samuel Dyer. Samuel is an amazing trainer with a great personality. I have never received any form of training before and this session with Samuel has been just a full 4 hours of mind-blowing information and knowledge sharing. It was filled with interactive components to allow fellow attendees to share ideas and learn from one another. Highly recommended to all MSLs!"

      Ng Yunn Shuen, MPharm

      MSL, Link (A Clinigen Company)

      "Thank you to Samuel and the MSL Society team for an in-depth and comprehensive custom training program! This training was data-driven, engaging, and a wonderful learning opportunity for a diverse MSL team with various backgrounds. Our team left this training with confidence and new tools to aid in maximizing KOL engagement and collecting actionable insights that we were immediately able to implement into our strategy going forward. This education laid the groundwork for a strong team foundation, and we look forward to partnering with the MSL Society again in the future!"

      Alison Kawano, BS

      MSL, Eurofins Transplant Genomics

      "I had the pleasure of attending a customized team training with Samuel and the MSLS team, during which we talked about Maximizing KOL relationships and Gathering Actionable Insights. The training was interactive, data-based, and allowed me and my team to discuss how to best implement the learnings into daily practice. Samuel facilitated discussions that were pertinent to our practice and reinforced what we learned in our group exercises with meaningful insights from surveys of important stakeholders. We all left the training feeling as though we could make meaningful changes to our practice and be more effective MSLs. After this training, I’ll look for more opportunities to work with the MSLS for my development in the future."

      Timothy Horwedel, MHA, PharmD, BCPS, BCTXP, FAST

      Sr. MSL, Veloxis Pharmaceuticals

      "I've had the pleasure of taking one of the MSL Society's training programs on goals, strategies, and tactics related to medical insights gathering. The program was unique in that it not only trained MSLs on what medical insights are and how to collect them, but it also encourages them to think more broadly about their roles within the broader organization and how their insights, when carefully crafted, can bring value and inform strategy. I highly recommend this course to any MSL team that wishes to enhance their insights gathering program and expand their impact within their  organization."

      Daniel Kueh, PhD

      MSL, Marinus Pharma

      "Our MSL team recently attended a 2-day training program on Insights gathering in Sarasota Florida with Samuel Dyer and the MSL Society team. This training program was instrumental in creating team bonding, helped us create goals, and formulate a structured plan for gathering and sharing information with KOLs. This training helped our team further define our roles and functions as MSL’s within our company. This experience left us feeling confident and prepared, with valuable new skills for insight gathering in the field."

      Susan Payne, BSN, RN, CWCN

      MSL, RTI Surgical

      “Our team recently participated in 2 virtual Maximizing performance training sessions with Samuel Dyer and the Medical Science Liaison Society. Topics covered the recent shift in the MSL role, tactics for Virtual KOL Engagement as well as Medical Insights Gathering. The KOL Engagement session served as great training for the first-time MSLs on our team as well as a refresher for those with more experience.  I personally found value in the Insights session where we learned how to best represent the voice of our customers to the decision-makers at the company. The skill of taking everyday feedback and placing that data in the proper context in order to drive change is an essential yet nuanced skill I would encourage MSLs at all levels to develop. I used this technique the very next day. The MSLS delivered detailed training and I highly value the content as well as the team building with my colleagues-many of which were onboarded during the pandemic.”

      Jennifer Stanke, PhD

      Sr. Manager, Medical Science Liaison, Foundation Medicine

      "The training program conducted by the MSL Society was excellent! I enjoyed learning about the rationale behind the activity of gathering insights, from goals to strategy to tactics. As a member of a fairly new MSL team, this training facilitated our understanding of insights starting from the same page. I now have to tools to implement a better framework to gather insights consistently and in a more meaningful, actionable way for my company."

      Lille Tidwell, PhD

      Medical Science Liaison, ALK

      "I took part in three virtual training programs facilitated by Dr. Samuel Dyer with another colleague as we recently transitioned to an MSL role. I can’t speak highly enough of the quality of the MSL Society’s programs, the resources, and of Dr. Dyer’s skill as an educator. He has an ability to teach and share applicable resources, data and robust to experience in a highly relevant and tailored way.  Moreover, the training is truly engaging and actually fun!

      The material I learned not only helped to facilitate my transition to my new MSL position, but it provided me with the platform in which to continue learning.  The resources on the MSL Society website captures real-world and timely information and guidance that applies to this unique COVID era and readily translates into my outreach and interactions with providers.  I have an entirely new vantage point on my outreach and have gained several perils of wisdom that are now integrating into my day-to-day role.  Dr. Dyer and the MSL Society are truly top-notch and a significant value-add.  I plan on continuing my training with their offerings and resources during my tenure as an MSL."

      Emily Frisch, MPA, RN, OCN

      Field Medical Liaison, Partner Therapeutics

      “Samuel and the team at Medical Science Liaison Society provided our MSLs with four beneficial virtual training sessions. Topics ranged from Virtual KOL Engagement to Insights Gathering. The sessions were practical and ready to implement from day one after the workshop. I’ve been in Medical Affairs for 20 years, and these courses and conversations enabled me to challenge what I know and look at various areas of the MSL role through a different lens.”

      Greg Grevera, DNP

      Medical Science Liaison, Servier Pharmaceuticals

      “I attended 3 separate live virtual MSL training programs offered by the MSL Society which were all facilitated by Dr. Samuel Dyer. I was delighted by (1) the evidence-based approach to the material across all the programs, (2) Samuel’s passion for training and the materials, and (3) the organized way it was conducted. The programs really helped me embrace the content with confidence and allowed me to put aside any preconceived ideas that might have caused any doubt about applying the recommended approaches and techniques. I absolutely recommend attending training programs offered through the MSL Society to any MSL, new or tenured!”

      Mark Hali, MBA

      Field Medical Liaison, Partner Therapeutics

      "My team and I recently attended a virtual training program from Dr. Samuel Dyer, CEO of the MSL Society on Improving KOL interactions in a Virtual World. The training session was excellent! Dr. Dyer reviewed best practices that ranged from how to develop an executive presence to how to send a highly effective email that will catch your KOL’s attention. While a few of the suggestions were good reminders of techniques I have learned in the past (and forgotten), I also learned new ways of interacting. The session was practical and provided techniques that I have already begun to incorporate into my daily activity. I would highly recommend this training for all MSL teams. Thank you!"

      Andrea Scherschel

      Medical Science Liaison, Shionogi

      "Samuel provided a 3 day MSL training that was masterfully delivered and very well thought through. After 4 years in the job and a number of formal and informal trainings (including Samuel’s book and some of the MSL Society resources), the course still gave me the opportunity to revisit the fundamentals, become more aware of the areas where I need to improve and discuss strategies and techniques to do so. The scenarios and discussions with colleagues were very enriching. I would definitely recommend this course to any MSL who, like Samuel and I, think it’s one of the best jobs in the world!"

      Marc Giry-Laterriere, PhD

      Medical Science Liaison, CSL-Behring Australia

      "Samuel and Heliana delivered a tailored, informative 2-day training module for our MSL team, which is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds and MSL experience. This said, Samuel's presentations were impactful and data-driven, which resonated well with the team. Further, Samuel incorporated thought-provoking competency and soft-skills workshops that engaged the entire group. Thank you for the opportunity to learn and develop as an MSL, Samuel and Heliana!"

      Mason Yeh, PhD

      Medical Science Liaison, UCB Pharmaceuticals

      "I just had a 1-day training conducted by Samuel Dyer and the MSL Society. The command was ambitious for this short amount of time. Samuel succeeded to make this time very beneficial for me and my MSL colleagues. Samuel shared with us many critical insights from surveys performed with KOLs. We had 5 different workshops on best practices such as how to bring more value to KOLs, how to build trust with KOLs, how to maximize and plan calls with KOLs. Although I have been an MSL for almost 5 years, this training session was a great opportunity for me to be updated with the quickly evolving MSL role. I definitely feel better equipped after this training by the MSL Society. Thank you Samuel and Heliana Sula. I will advocate for you to come back soon to Ferring to provide more training!"

      Frédéric Mille, PhD

      Medical Science Liaison, Ferring Pharmaceuticals-Canada

      "As a new MSL, The MSL Society Training session was the perfect opportunity to reassure my understanding of the role, and validate my current approach to my role. Samuel was able to share insights and knowledge from global markets regarding the role expectations, functions and how to effectively cultivate long-standing relationships with KOL’s. It was a valuable 3-day workshop – I highly recommend it to all MSLs or even other roles within Medical Affairs."

      Tania Atanasovska, PhD

      Medical Science Liaison, Seqirus - Australia

      “I had the great opportunity of participating in MSL Presentation Skills training program conducted by the MSLS in Miami. It was a true pleasure meeting with and interacting with Dr. Samuel Dyer, Ms. Heliana Sula and Mr. Jeff Kraemer. The training program exceeded beyond any expectation I could possibly have. My experience with MSL training program was nothing less than extraordinary. The content of the program, and practical activities were designed to improve the skills of each participant to make the right/proper preparations in order to succeed as an MSL. As a result of the training, I am much more confident and better prepared to engage with KOLs including what to expect and what to avoid. It was a great learning experience, and I highly recommend this program to any MSL!”

      Tiama Chaar, PhD

      Medical Science Liaison, Sanofi

      "Having just completed the MSL Presentation and Communication Skills Program this past weekend, I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to make the transition into their first MSL role, as well as new MSLs. This program provides great insight into the role of the MSL, the overall landscape in which an MSL works, and provides a phenomenal small-group atmosphere with a lot of personalized interaction to help build and enhance your communication and presentation skills. Thank you Samuel, Heliana and Jeff for providing such a great program and atmosphere to learn!”

      Jeremy Draper, PhD, MBA

      Medical Science Liaison, Eli Lilly

      “I just returned from the 3-day program in Durham, NC and am still feeling absolutely inspired and energized from the experience. There is absolutely nothing like this program out there, and I feel honored to have been able to participate. Samuel Dyer and Heliana Sula have created a program that challenged, inspired and redefined how I approach KOL presentations and communication. Any self-doubt I may have had prior to this training was replaced with tips, tools and newly discovered skills. This was hands-down the most effective educational program I have ever attended.”

      Bethany Nickerson PharmD, BCPS, BCGP

      Medical Science Liaison, Seattle Genetics

      “As a new MSL, my experience with Dr. Dyer’s training for effective communication and presentation skills was awesome!  I feel like I have a great format to use as I continue to develop in my role.  The interactive practice helped get me out of my comfort zone in a very safe environment. Hope to be back soon! “

      Diane Tudor, RD, CDE

      Medical Science Liaison, Valeritas