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How To Celebrate

Celebrate The International MSL Day by showing pride in our profession!

Share the International MSL Day banners on social media

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Take a photo where you are showing off your MSL pride and include a printable sign

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Tell your story of how you became an MSL OR why you love the MSL career

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Celebrate With Us!

Why March 27TH?

This is the official date the MSL Society became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. International MSL day has been officially registered through National Day Calendar®.

Why Now?

Since being first established by Upjohn Pharmaceuticals in 1967, MSLs have become increasingly more important to the success of the companies that employ them. As a result, the MSL profession has grown exponentially over the last several years, and according to a recent global MSL Society survey, 68% of managers had planned to expand the size of their MSL teams within the next two years. Today the MSL role is more important than ever to the success of the companies that employ them. Having an official day dedicated to MSLs is a unique way to recognize the profession, and raise awareness of the importance of the global MSL profession.

International MSL Day occurs every year on March 27th!

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MSL Society Newsletter – Exclusive Insights

MSL leaders share
their thoughts

Larry Dollar, PharmD, MSL-BC
/ VP, Medical Affairs, Syneos Health

The role of the MSL continues to be highly valued and seen as a key member of the team focused on patient care. Having a designated International MSL Day is a great way to acknowledge the key contributions of MSLs, and further highlight the important role they play.

Victor Sastre, MSL-BC
/ Head of MSLs, Amgen

As an MSL with more than 10 years of experience, I am very excited that we will now have an annual International MSL Day. It is an opportunity for all of us dedicated to the career to formally celebrate our profession and accomplishments. I am really looking forward to participating in activities each year going forward.

Dr. Samuel Dyer, CEO
/ Medical Science Liaison Society

The MSL Society currently has members in 81 countries, and establishing International Medical Science Liaison Day is a way to celebrate our profession, and demonstrate our commitment to the profession on a global scale. Each year starting on March 27, 2020, we will be launching activities and campaigns that celebrate and raise awareness of the valuable contributions MSLs make.

Paul Ward,
National MSL Lead / AstraZeneca

I’m very excited to have March 27th mark the first ever International MSL Day and have this day set aside to recognize MSLs around the world for the incredible work they do. MSLs play an important part of educating prescribers on the disease state, safety, efficacy and appropriate use of medications that ultimately lead to improvements in the care of patients. More and more, MSLs are being turned to for their scientific and clinical skills as a trusted source of information by health care providers. I am proud to be a part of the MSL Society and the work it does to grow, develop and recognize the contributions of MSLs around the world for all they do.Congratulations and thank you MSLs!

Linda Traylor, PhD, MSL-BC
/ VP, Clinical Development & Medical Affairs, Biodesix

In the last 2 decades, we have seen a significant transformation in the MSL profession. What was a best kept secret, is now a highly sought after position known for its significant impact on patient lives. Celebrating the profession and what it stands for, through an internationally recognized MSL day, is a great milestone.

Tiama Chaar, PhD, MSL-BC, /
Sr. MSL, Exelixis

The MSL international day is the best way to recognize and show appreciation to all MSLs around the world. Every day as talented professionals, we work diligently and are dedicated to provide the highest and most updated information to physicians on the new treatments and make sure that every patient is getting the right treatment at the right time. The international day will increase awareness internationally of our work and our mission and will give each one of us a small recognition for our hard work.