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What is one challenge that you have embraced and in result has had positive effects on your MSL career?

The one challenge I have embraced is managing difficult, high profile thought leader relationships. This requires exceptional listening skills and a lot of humility. Ultimately, the customer wants something (or not) from the company. The key is to determine what is challenging the relationship, a willingness to listen and apologize whenever necessary and work together to resolve and repair the relationship. I have had good results by adopting a posture of customer orientation and listening. Most people really just want to be heard.

Why do you feel centered leadership is important?

Centered Leadership provides a roadmap for success by encouraging introspection and ongoing self-evaluation re: strengths and weaknesses of your own leadership style. Ultimately, it provides an outstanding structure to support both professional and personal growth and fulfilment and enhances your ability to lead with passion and conviction.

How has centered leadership influenced your MSL career?

My MSL career was 4 1/2 years (2002-2007) and the concept of centered leadership was not known to me at that time.

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