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How do you define “KOL” needs?

Defining KOL needs may seem initially and superficially that it may be simple. However, it is multifactorial and more involved than one would initially assume. A facet can be that KOL needs are aspects of their practicing medicine that require them to feel connected to a resource of free flowing, timely and accurate information that helps them gain a deeper understanding or clarification of the product, treatment paradigm is or therapeutic area being addressed, to the end that the HCP can stay on the forefront of medicine and remain well-informed.

How do you ensure strong KOL relationships?

As with any relationship, this needs to be continually developed and can many times be strung on a thin cobweb and be unpredictable. Thus some main qualities surrounding strong KOL relationships can be ensured by always acting as an ethical, comprehensive and timely resource. The MSL should never over or under state importance of data, impinge unnecessarily on a KOLs time or provide false or misleading information.

How do the needs of the KOL needs change according to the leader you are engaging with?

KOL needs, depending on how it is defined for that particular KOL , can be quite fluid. At times, the needs of the KOL can change depending on the institution or practice setting they are operating within (i.e., academic, private practice, or trial site) or the reason the MSL is providing resources to the KOL (i.e., speaker programs, clinical trials, independent research projects or patient counseling).

What skills are required for understanding your KOL?

Overall, the MSL must have a comprehensive understanding of the therapeutic area in which they are interacting to interpret and anticipate the needs of their KOL. In general, the MSL must listen to understand and be receptive to alternative viewpoints. In this regard, the MSL should try to avoid entering into KOL dialogue with a pre-defined agenda.

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