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How do women communicate differently than men and what challenges does this create?

Women are culturally conditioned to communicate differently than men, and this can create challenges of perceived competence in the business setting. However, if women simply copy the communication style of men, the communication can be misperceived as harsh or aggressive. In the business environment, women can learn to communicate in a way that conveys leadership presence without undermining the perception of competence.

What are the most common pitfalls that you have seen women experience in the MSL profession? How can female MSLs overcome them?

As an MSL manager, I have seen women undermine their communication in choice of words and vocal presence. Female also MSLs seem to have significant difficulty in communicating accomplishments. Through techniques used in the workshop, female MSLs will learn how to communicate effectively with KOLs as well as internally with managers and senior executives.

How can women influence the different stakeholders they work with?

Influence and understanding are the goals of many written and verbal communication opportunities. Female MSLs can recognize obstacles to effective communication such as qualifiers like “just” and “I think” and others, controlling vocal presence, and small changes in body language that will make a large impression.

How does improved communication skills lead to better performance and productivity?

Effective and impactful communication is essential to KOL engagement and MSL performance indicators.

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