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Please describe your career and journey into MSL Leadership.

Looking back, I can say with certainty that my journey to the MSL role and MSL leadership was not one by design! A long tenure in clinical medicine at an academic center put me in the company of many brilliant clinicians, challenging patients, and cutting edge researchers each day. A drug development partnership and the chance to do something completely different in life led me to my first MSL position 13 years ago.

How have your diverse experiences contributed to your success?

For me, career success is defined by really loving and finding purpose in my work after all, it is an area of life where we devote a majority of waking hours! Fortunately I was insightful enough to seek and seize opportunities to learn, contribute, lead, and network. It seemed like there was a wise and willing mentor at every pivotal point along the way. Every patient, position, colleague, and especially my successes and failures (alike) paved the path and equipped me with skills and experiences I use and draw on every single day.

How do you create and manage a positive culture in a fast growing MSL team?

Creating a positive culture begins at the interview and with every decision to offer an MSL the opportunity to join our team. We believe members must not only be intellectually competent and skilled to do the work but that they’re self leaders and demonstrate the ability to contribute to a positive and productive teamwork environment. My Leaders and I are keenly aware that we must model actions that we expect from our teams and members. Our leadership styles may be different but our basic philosophy to support activities and reward behaviors that develop individuals, build trust and cohesion, and promote collaboration (a core company value!) is aligned.

What advice can you give to MSLs and MSL managers who are looking to advance and leadership?

  • Be clear in your definition of success;life’s way too short to spend time pursuing any position or a position in a company that’s not in alignment with your true self and values.
  • Practice self leadership principles whether you hold positional power at work (yet!) or not.
  • Create a written plan of specific short and long term career goals and identify resources, people, and opportunities you’ll seek for the knowledge and experience needed to achieve them.
  • Create a separate but similar written plan for leadership skills development.
  • Network and find trusting others (colleague, manager, or mentor) to help you implement both plans and access opportunities for advancement.

I look forward to seeing you at the Women’s Summit where we can discuss your path to leadership!

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