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How do you maintain a consistent management and communication style when managing MSLs from various academic and experiences levels?

First, I think it goes back to how we built the team. We always strive for collaboration and the personal connection when looking at an MSL candidate, if we expect a team to connect with our most influential key opinion leaders, then we would expect that our communication internally in stellar first. With that said, we function as team, but allow MSLs to do what they do best. We have regular team meetings, events, virtual and live. We thrive on the success of our individual team members and our collective efforts which move the whole medical affairs department forward. We stay positive, we solve problems together, and we are accountable to each other.

How does having a consistent management style improve the performance of your MSL team?

They know what the expectations will be. There are no surprises, because there are enough curve balls in the field, in the market etc. Here, our team is solid, the bar is set high, but it doesn’t change. That stability allows for success in the role, it allows for less burnout.

What are some of the most important soft skills that contribute to success fro your MSL team?

Emotional intelligence, relatability—a personal connection. This coupled with scientific rigor, makes for a great combination. It’s important to read cues, to know not only what to say but when to say it, this is something that is key to relationship building.

How do you ensure the development of these soft skills in your MSL team?

Practice, but connections within the team itself. You have to manage up, down and sideways, so its practice and more practice. With that said, we also make sure we give the team the tools they need to refine their skills. At our team meetings, we will often bring in some breakouts to help develop these tools.

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