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What are the main challenges facing women in the MSL profession?

With regard to the MSL profession, for the most part the gender playing field is fairly even. But one of the most challenging for all MSLs is the travel involved and it’s impact on work life balance. There are some great sessions at the summit where you will hear from extraordinary women who have been very successful in navigating through these challenges.

How can the MSL Society Women Summit help raise awareness for female career progression?

The MSL Society Women’s Summit highlights and gives voice to successful women along the MSL career path and beyond. The Summit will provide a networking opportunity with a diverse group of women from experienced MSLs that have navigated through an MSL career path to Novices to the MSL role, yet bring a wealth of other experiences with them.

Who are you looking forward to most during the summit?

I am really looking forward to hearing Dr. Brandi Howard discuss her transition from Big Pharma to Biotech. Dr. Howard’s career path is truly inspiring as she has traversed from an entry level MSL to a Global VP. She is a personal dynamo and I believe everyone will truly enjoy her hearing from her.

As an experienced MSL Leader, what advice can you give to female MSLs to accelerate in their careers?

First and foremost is to really stay in the trenches early on and learn the role. It takes a few years to really understand the role and become a great MSL. Other than that, throughout your career, efficiency, persistence and networking always pay off.

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