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Why is the MSL Society adding an MSL Mentoring Program?

Over time there has been consistent feedback from members that has revealed a need for mentoring. The MSL Mentoring Program is designed to help new MSLs accelerate professional development and is not designed to be a substitute for internal management, HR or other services offered through mentee’s company.  

Why does mentoring matter?

Mentoring is an extremely effective way for people to develop new skills, and understand how to deal with people and problems. Mentoring predicts career success.  In fact, research shows that mentoring is correlated with better performance, increased salary and more promotions.  Both mentors and mentees have higher job satisfaction, increased loyalty and lower turnover, and mentoring can provide social support that reduces employee stress.

What does research show a successful mentoring program incorporates?

Clear delineation of program goals and expectations for mentors and mentees.
• Careful selection and pairing of mentors and mentees.
• Both mentor and mentee held accountable for the relationship’s success.
• Recognition for mentors who make a difference.
• A timeline with a beginning, middle and end, so participants can end the relationship gracefully if it isn’t working.
• Organizational follow-up to measure success and develop best practices.

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