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Why did you want to create the Mentor Program?

After 5 years of being involved in leadership in a global level mentoring program in the healthcare sector, I saw a glaring need for a unique program across the pharmaceutical, diagnostics and medical device industry focused specifically on the field medical role. 

Why is it important for the MSL Society to offer this type of program?

Having a mentor has been shown to be the single most important reason people succeed in careers, as it correlates more than intelligence, hard work and talent.  In a flash, three years have flown by and the numbers are astounding.  United by the passion of improving patient lives, by next year in over 70 companies we’ll have touched more than 100 mentees. The MSL Society mentor volunteers willing to share the precious commodity of time along their career journey provide tremendous value.

Why did you get involved to create it?

In my career, I have had some wonderful mentors.  After finishing my PhD, I arrived eager, wide-eyed and new to industry, pregnant with my third child. In my on-boarding process, I was assigned the most amazing mentor in my new company who cheered me on and enabled my success at a time it would have been easy to succumb to being overwhelmed.  Inspired by the concept of creating an additional support network for new MSLs and recently promoted MSLs managers, the MSL Society Mentoring Program was introduced.