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What was the key driver behind your decision to move to a small, high-growth company?

I found the red tape associated with large organizations prohibitive to getting work done efficiently and wanted to be part of a more fast-paced, nimble environment.

What are some of the key skills needed for success in a small organization?

I don’t think that the skills needed are necessarily different in a small organization vs. a large. The context is just different. Being a self-starter is critical, and you need to demonstrate greater patience, flexibility, and open-mindedness.

What are the key differences between the MSL role in a small vs a large company?

Most likely, the key difference will be team and territory size. Typically, small companies have fewer resources and MSLs are challenged with covering more therapeutic areas and geographies.

How can one transfer what they learned in a large organization, to drive growth in a smaller organization?

Come to the summit, and you will find out!

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