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Why is developing a personal story important to an individual’s MSL Career?

Developing a personal story is a powerful tool on both a personal and professional level. A well-crafted personal story grounds an individual in what’s important, and can serve as a source of reflection and inspiration.  A personal story also helps an MSL align their career path with their values and goals.

In your opinion, what are 3 ways an individual can demonstrate the complete package ?

An individual can demonstrate the complete package through self-awareness, self-confidence and authenticity. Individuals who understand how their actions and behaviors affect are respected and trusted. Additionally, having self-confidence exudes leadership and an executive presence. Finally, an individual who displays authenticity is real and genuine.

How can becoming the complete package affect women in the MSL career?

Becoming the complete package is a continual process that takes practice and feedback. Through this process women should learn and grow from their experiences to become their best selves.

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