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According to one source, there are only 2000 video résumés on YouTube. Because of the relatively small number of people who have created video résumés, this type of communication can be a key differentiating factor that distinguishes your MSL candidacy from other candidates. A video resume should succinctly highlight your background and the value you bring to a Medical Science Liaison role.

Effective Strategies for Creating an MSL Video Resume

  • Dress professionally just as if you were in an in-person interview.
  •  Start by providing your first and last name.
  • Keep the focus on your experience and most relevant accomplishments related to the MSL role.
  • Keep your branding strategy in mind in terms of your unique value proposition to potential employers and make sure that is highlighted during the presentation.
  • Make sure that you use current equipment so that the video is sharp and clear. As with a paper resume, overall appearance and quality are key!
  • Keep your presentation short: optimum length is between one and three minutes.
  • Look directly into the camera not down or to the sides.
  • Speak in a slow and steady cadence and smile, as this will convey a sense of warmth and friendliness. Don’t rush the process since you can practice many times before uploading the final version to YouTube. 
  • Eliminate any background noise that can interfere with your presentation. Sit in front of a blank wall with no distracting pictures or posters. Keep it professional.
  • Present your information in a story-like format to capture viewer interest. Mention any specific disease state, therapeutic area or specific product experience. Do not read from a prepared script.
  • Thank the viewer for their consideration of your candidacy.


Video Resume Don’ts

  • Don’t mix your personal life with your professional one. If you have information on your MySpace or Facebook page that you’d prefer employers don’t see, don’t link your video resume and it is always advisable to make your personal social media profiles private.  
  • Don’t expect your video resume to replace your traditional resume. Not all employers are interested and others are worried about discrimination issues i.e. not hiring candidates because of how they look and sound rather than insufficient qualifications.


Where to Upload Your Completed Video

The first obvious place is YouTube. Other venues include Google video and You can also upload your video to your own Website or blog and link to it from there.

Video Quality

As with your typical MSL resume, presentation and quality are also very important in a video MSL resume.  A good-quality video resume can range from something that someone shot at home to a professionally-shot video. However, a professional one will likely provide much better quality in terms of a clearer picture, excellent sound quality, and an overall more professional look.

How to Promote Your MSL Video Resume

Before you promote your resume online, ask colleagues and friends to review it. If necessary revise it to get it to be as professional as possible. Once your video resume is complete, there are several ways to promote it online.

  • Include a link to your video resume on your MSL resume that you send out to recruiters and when applying to companies.
  • Send query/exploratory letters to pharmaceutical or biotech industry recruiters and ensure that the link to your video resume is included.
  • Include your video resume (or a link to it) in your professional profiles on Linked In.
  • Create a Facebook Social Ad and include the link to your video resume.
  • Send the link to your networking contacts.


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Dr. Samuel Dyer is the Chairman of the Board of the MSL Society and the author of “The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break Into Your First Role“, the first step-by-step guide ever published on how to successfully land your first MSL role.