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3 Steps to Prepare for the MSL-BC® exam

We have received a ton of questions in regards to preparing for the MSL-BC® exam and if there will be any preparation training program available in the future. While putting together a training program will take us some time, in the meantime we thought we could help everyone out by mentioning the 3 steps you have to go through before taking the MSL-BC® exam. You can find more details and learn everything you need to know about the MSL-BC® program in the MSL-BC® handbook.

3 Steps to Prepare for The MSL-BC® Exam summary of steps.


Read The MSL Guidelines

The most basic resource we have readily available for all MSL professionals is the MSL Guidelines document. This resource was created with the purpose to create a clearer understanding of the MSL role and provide comprehensive recommendations for the activities of MSLs.

Although the intention is to provide guidance to the global MSL profession and the companies that employ them, they should NOT be viewed as a code or rules or laws; these guidelines do not supersede local laws and regulations, regional codes, and individual company codes of conduct.

However, it does provide an overview of topics that you may not even think about when you have already been working for several years in the field. This resource could work as a refresher before you take on the MSL-BC® exam.


Review The References for The (MSL-BC®) Examination

The simplest way to prepare for the MSL-BC® exam is to review the actual resources used in the MSL-BC® Candidate Handbook.

The reference list below contains journals and websites that may be helpful in preparing for the MSL-BC® exam. Use of the references does not guarantee a passing score on the test and is provided for informational purposes only.



Check Off The Examination Application Checklist

Last but not least, before you are hitting that “register” button on our website, take a look at the Application Checklist to make sure you’re well prepared.

Before you begin the certification application process, be sure to do the following.

1. Read the entire Medical Science Liaison-Board Certification (MSL-BC®) Handbook

The Certification Handbook contains all the information you need to know about the exam and it is important that the document be read in full. You are required to attest to having read this information when submitting an exam application.

2. Verify Your Medical Science Liaison Society Membership Status

In order to take advantage of the reduced member fee, you must be a current professional level member of the Medical Science Liaison Society before beginning the application process. Log into and verify your membership status. If you wish to join before applying for your exam, you may join online at If you are not interested in joining, proceed with the application process.

Participation in the certification program is voluntary and open to anyone meeting the eligibility requirements. Membership with the Medical Science Liaison Society is not required.

Please note: The membership discount applies ONLY to professional-level members. Membership IS NOT required to participate.

3. Submit Your Application

Submit your application online. All required elements (application, supporting documentation) must be submitted at the same time.

  • Applications must be completed online.
  • All communication with applicants will be administered via email.
  • The application must be completed by selecting “yes” on the “Attestation and Eligibility Requirements Agreement” section of the application. Incomplete applications will be unprocessed.
  • An acknowledgement of the candidate’s application will be provided via email within 24 business hours of application submission.

4. After Submitting Your Application

Submit your application online. All required elements (application, supporting documentation) must be submitted at the same time.


  • An acknowledgement of the candidate’s application status will be provided via email within 3 weeks of receipt of the application.
  • If not approved and you wish to appeal, refer to the Eligibility Appeal section for further instructions.
  • If approved, an Authorization to Test letter (ATT) will be included in the acknowledgement email regarding the candidate’s application status. The ATT will include instructions on how to complete the payment, schedule the exam date with ProctorU, and other details about the exam.
  • If you are approved, you will have three (3) weeks from date of approval to schedule and complete the exam.
  • After approval and the candidate has completed the online registration process with ProctorU, an electronic confirmation will be sent to the candidate containing the candidate’s name, identification number, the date/time of the test, and the name of the test. Candidates must possess a webcam and high-speed internet connection in order to take the certification examination.

5. Review

Before candidates can take the exam, they must:

  1. Submit an application with supportive documents and payment
  2. Receive an approval letter and Authorization to Test (ATT) letter (via email)
  3. Submit payment for the examination
  4. Create a ProctorU account and schedule an exam appointment (directions provided in the ATT letter)

Completing the online application indicates that you have read and understand the entire candidate handbook including all policies.

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