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Benefits for MSL Candidates

Are you looking to break into the Medical Science Liaison role?

One way to break into the MSL role is to be part of the MSL community. Being a member of The MSL Society provides the ONLY way during your job search to be on the inside rather than on the outside looking in.

Joining the MSL Society will enable you to gain a better understanding of the role, learn how to speak the language of the role during interviews, and to network with MSLs and hiring managers.

All of this will allow you to be a part of the professional community without actually being an MSL…….Yet!

As a member, you will have access to a variety of exclusive resources to better understand the role including:

  • Live Global MSL Society conferences
  • Complimentary copies of original MSL research reports
  • MSL focused webinars
  • Networking opportunities within the global MSL community
  • MSL Society members-only LinkedIn group
  • Access to the global MSL member directory
  • Up-to-date information on trends within the MSL career
  • Presentations from global MSL experts
  • Reduced registration fees to upcoming conferences and meetings
  • Career resources to help those interested in breaking into the MSL role


Become a member

Grow with the community

The career services and professional advice offered by the MSL Society was very helpful and insightful. It was a great resource and it also provided a powerful tool for me to make informed decisions on my career choices.


-Linda Guo, M.D.
MSL Candidate

Engage and learn

The Medical Science Liaison Society provides a full complement of educational resources spanning information critical for those trying to break into the role.  Having the opportunity to have access to professionals with deep and knowledgeable experience and who have actually managed and hired MSLs is invaluable!


-Brandt Newcomer, M.D.

MSL Candidate

Improve your chances

I have been trying to break into MSL role since graduating with a Ph.D. in molecular Oncology. Although I read a lot on the MSL role and interacted with a lot of MSLs, my experience was unique and ground breaking after getting in touch with the MSL Society.


-Shadi Mamaghani, Ph.D.

MSL Candidate