The MSL Society is thankful to have Larvol on board as a Gold sponsor of the 8th Annual MSL Society Conference this year. As a result of their partnership, we interviewed the Larvol team and this is the result.


What growing trends have you seen in the MSL profession since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit?

What we’ve seen and heard is of course the shift from in-person meetings to tele-visits and reduction in travel, and more focus on research. Also, MSLs have tended to avoid social media engagement, but are now finding they need to find a way to comfortable use it as a way to interact with KOLs/HCPs.


How is your organization adapting to the shift to digital? And what are the lessons you have learned from going through it?

Our organization has been remote since it was founded in 2004. The shift for most of us has not been going remote, but sharing our remote office space with our partners and children. Working remote requires a person to be flexible, creative and disciplined, and even more so now. We’ve been happy to have more of our customers comfortable having video meetings. We are used to hearing the dog bark or a kid in the background and often it can add a more personal/human aspect to a lot of the professional interactions we have, we work in a serious business but are all people-first. This has reminded us of that many times over.


What advice would you give MSLs struggling to get valuable engagements with KOLs?

Never stop looking for small changes to your process that could unlock the next opportunity. Reach out to MSLs that are successful in getting engagements.  Take advantage of platforms that monitor KOL activities. Become digital and social-experts yourselves!


Why did your organization decide to sponsor the 8th Annual MSL Society Conference?

We have a great relationship with MSLS for several years and honestly couldn’t imagine not sponsoring? It’s a great team as MSLS, we’re just disappointed not to be meeting in-person of course!


What are you most excited about this year’s conference?

To discuss the future of MSLs in the post-COVID-19 world. COVID-19 has significantly changed how we all work, and those changes aren’t going to go away once the pandemic is over. We’re excited to discuss with others what they think the changes will be and how we can support that.


What has been your biggest challenge this year and how did you overcome it?

Uncertainty. The dust from the pandemic is still settling, so to speak. We were uncertain of how the pandemic was going to impact the pharmaceutical industry and those that support it. Those we met with also expressed uncertainty. Uncertainty brings lack of control, but is difficult for a business. We overcame this challenge by focusing and investing in the things we could control.