The MSL Society is thankful to have on board as a Gold sponsor of the 8th Annual MSL Society Conference this year. As a result of their partnership, we interviewed Dr. Lana Feng, the CEO and Co-Founder of and this is the result.


What growing trends have you seen in the MSL profession since the COVID-19 Pandemic hit?

COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the new normal of working remotely for both MSLs and KOL/HCPs. MSLs need remote access to real-time, self- service access to data and insights to provide well-informed personalized interactions with KOLs.
On top of that, they are inundated with a deluge of data and need to rapidly digest and disseminate disparate data.


What best practices have you seen from the companies your organization is working with that can be shared with the MSL community?

  • Empowering field team with self-management tools for monitoring performance.
  • Providing clear metrics for performance that incorporates both quantitative and qualitative metrics.
  • Reducing burden of data analysis from free-text notes, disparate data sources with tools that enable real-time insights including trends.


How is your organization adapting to the shift to digital? And what are the lessons you have learned from going through it?

We have developed a question and answer-driven knowledge automation platform that turns domain experts into their own data scientists. It combines the ease of use of Alexa with the power of knowledge automation. The platform is ideal for medical affairs.

  • Self-service access to data and insights in real time.
  • Analyzes both structured and unstructured data including free-text notes.
  • Connects internal and external data silos to generate higher order insights.

Lessons learned: The value of listening to our MSL counterparts on feedback on ensuring they are getting the critical insights to make decisions. We have incorporated their feedback into the platform improvements.


What advice would you give MSLs struggling to get valuable engagements with KOLs?

MSLs need to get a 360 view of the KOL they are targeting for truly personalized engagement. For example:

  • Did you talk to this KOL and when? (CRM)
  • Does he have any objections or challenges with our drugs? (actionable insights)
  • Is he involved in any (disease) trials? Which sponsors? (
  • Publications on the disease? Coauthors? (finding more KOLs through PubMed)
  • Does he have patients that fit the profile of our drugs? (RWE)


Why did your organization decide to sponsor the 8th Annual MSL Society Conference? deployed our medical affairs solution with live users at AstraZeneca in May 2020. The solution empowers AZ’s International Medical Affairs team to instantly get answers from CRM, insight (free-text notes) and benchmarking data sources (both structured and unstructured). The experience at AZ international medical is so positive that they made a public announcement of our partnership.

We are building medical affairs of the future and want to share with the MSL community.


What are you most excited about this year’s conference?

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed how KOLs/HCPs can be engaged. This presents huge challenges to medical affairs teams across the globe. We are excited about the opportunity to present our solution at the conference and help MSLs drive engagements with KOLs/HCPs in this challenging time.


What has been your biggest challenge this year and how did you overcome it?

COVID-19 has shifted everything to virtual and we have to change how we engage potential customers. The key is to find medical affairs organizations that are open to innovation and prioritize it despite more urgent mandates due to COVID. We have to use new approaches to identify innovative leaders, including presenting at the MSL Society Annual Conference.