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Presentation & Communication Skills Program 

Learn the role and ask questions

The Aspiring MSL Presentation & Communications Skills Program from the MSL Society is the first of its kind 3- Day live training offered anywhere in the world.

Are you interested in breaking into the MSL role but lack presentation skills?

Do you have questions about how you should communicate during an MSL interview?

Find it hard to present data and showcase your personality?

Do you want to know what skills are needed in order to have a successful MSL interview?

Then this unique training program is for you!


Dr. Samuel Dyer

Dr. Samuel Dyer

CEO - MSL Society

Dates & Registration Details

3-Day Live MSL Candidate Training

  • December 4-6, 2022
  • $1,995.00 USD
  • AM and PM Breaks, Lunch each day

Any Questions?

For inquiries, contact Heliana Sula at

Program Overview:


What makes the MSL Society Presentation & Communications Skills Program unique is that it is designed and taught by experienced global MSL managers and trainers. Our program is based on real world experience from those that have actually been an MSL, managed and trained MSLs. The curriculum has been developed using a variety of best practices that have been utilized in established successful MSL programs globally.

One of the most important skills necessary to be successful in the MSL role is the ability to effectively present scientific information to an audience. As a result, delivering a scientific PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate this ability is commonly required during the interview process when trying to break into the MSL role. During the presentation, those in the audience will be evaluating both your presentation skills and how you engage with the audience.

Having strong communication and presentation skills is crucial to the success of candidates. However, most candidates FAIL during this stage of the interview process simply due to poor PowerPoint presentation skills!

This highly individualized training program has been successfully conducted in multiple countries around the world and have received countless positive reviews from participants.

The skills gained in the program will not only provide participants effective techniques to successfully present a PowerPoint presentation during the interview process but also provide a strong foundation of communications skills to be successful in their first MSL role.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the role and importance of effective presentation skills in MSL activities
  • Build an effective PowerPoint presentation through a powerful opening, body of presentation, and wrap up
  • Describe how MSLs are evaluated in the field during an interview
  • Respond appropriately to questions you may be asked during an interview and prepare questions to ask to the hiring manager
  • Summarize experience and scientific background through succinct examples of accomplishments and skills relevant to the role.
  • Generate a qualified CV that includes the proper formatting, keywords, list of accomplishments and matches the MSL role being applied for.
  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver a strong scientific presentation through the use of effective techniques and gained confidence.

Additional Information:

The itinerary and agenda includes proprietary information and will be provided to all registrants 2 weeks before the start of the program along with a “Preparation & Pre-assignment” document. Through individual Power-Point presentation skills training with each participant presenting to the group (each will be videotaped for later review), you will be able to:

  • Define a KOL and how to effectively engage with them
  • Practice impromptu presentation skills
  • Learn MSL Communication techniques crucial to building relationships and a successful interview
  • Engage with multiple MSL hiring managers

Also, there are surprise exercises and activities designed to give you the most real-life scenarios and by limiting the amount of information we give you upfront, we can get a baseline so we can then determine your progress.

One of the unique aspects of this training is the ability for you to receive multiple tools to help increase your chances of breaking into the MSL role.


Benefits of Attending include:

  1. A clear understanding of the role
  2. Effective communication skills to be successful
  3. Personalized In-depth MSL PowerPoint presentation skills training
  4. Globally recognized Certificate from the MSL Society
  5. 1 year Professional Level MSL Society membership ($290 value)
  6. Video of individual presentations
  7. Comprehensive CV Review
  8. Interview live with 2 current MSL Managers during the 3 day program

Who Should Attend?

This program is open to aspiring MSLs interested in gaining new skills and a foundational understanding of how to present and communicate during an MSL interview. 

  • Those that are interested in breaking into the MSL role
  • Those interested in understanding the different skills involved in presenting and communicating during an MSL interview.
  • Those interested in learning how to present and communicate data in a way that it is understood by everyone who is present
  • Those who want to be successful in educating KOLs through their presentations

Live In-Person Program

December 4-6, 2022

AC Marriott Hotel Sawgrass Mills
1870 Sawgrass Mills Circle
Sunrise, Florida  33323
United States

$1,995.00 USD


PLEASE NOTE: There are 8 seats available for this training. Registration for this training is on a first come first serve basis.

  • $1,995.00 USD
  • included with registration AM and PM Breaks, Lunch each day

Cancellation Policies:


Training Event Schedules

MSL Communication Training schedules are subject to change without notice based on minimum attendance requirements. Please check session’s schedules frequently at. The MSL Society may cancel scheduled classes up to ten (10) days prior to the scheduled start of the event if certain attendance minimums aren’t met. In most instances, a minimum of six (6) attendees per class is required for a class to be held.

Participant Travel Costs
The MSL Society will not be responsible for reimbursing prepaid participant travel costs. It is recommended that participants who elect to incur travel costs for a training session, schedule and purchase airfare and hotel accommodations with this in mind.

Refund Policy
A cancellation of a scheduled onsite training date made before fifteen (15) days prior to the first day of the scheduled onsite training will be refunded 100% of the registration fee. After this deadline, due to the finalization of the F&B numbers, we will not be able to offer any refunds. However, if you are unable to attend the program, we can transfer your registration to a future session and guarantee your seat.

1. What is the size of the training? How many seats are available?

The program is limited to 8 participants (max). The MSLS does this to create a small, intimate, and personalized training which addresses the needs of each individual participant.

2. Will the recording(s) of my presentations be shared with anyone (either inside or outside of the program)?

No, the recordings of each participants presentation are solely for the participant. We will not share your video to any other individual.

3. Do I need to bring any materials with me to this program?

Yes. Please come prepared with your laptop/charger, flash drive with your ppt presentation, a copy of your CV/Resume, and an eagerness to learn!

4. Can early-career graduate students apply for this training?

Yes, anyone pursuing the MSL role is eligible for this training.

5. What skills will I acquire after attending the program?

You will learn about topics including: defining a KOL and how to effectively engage with them, best practices for presentations, communication techniques crucial to building relationships and a successful interview, you will have the opportunity to engage with hiring managers, and you will participate in activities designed to give you real-life scenarios of an MSL.

6. How are participants evaluated during the program?

Each participant will present multiple times throughout the duration of the program. Participants will receive feedback on each presentation they provide, along with tips for areas of improvement. Participants are expected to make these changes/suggestions to their ppt and re-present.

7. Will my CV/resume be reviewed in this training?

Yes. Each participant will receive an individual and comprehensive review of their CV as part of the training program, please be sure to bring at least one copy of your CV/Resume.

Video Testimonials

Rebecca Fleeman, PhD Candidate

Wasim Habib, PharmD

Rina Patel, MD

Ayotunde Daramola, MD

Beatriz Alvarez, PhD

Thomas McAuley, PA-C, DHSc

Looking for a reason to participate? Here are 33…


Attending the Aspiring MSLs communication workshop was one of the best investments I have made in my career. The 3 day training far exceeded my expectations in terms of what I thought I would take away from this training. I knew I would learn about the MSL role but I did not realize how many resources would be provided to us, how much individual feedback we would get, nor how open and genuine every discussion would be. The constant encouragement for us to participate and ask questions is unmatched in any training I have ever experienced and I am so grateful that Samuel, Heliana, and Jeff choose the small class size to really make each of us feel heard. It is clear that they have perfected the art of coaching aspiring MSLs.

Rebecca Fleeman, PhD Candidate

I recently completed the Live Candidate training. I am really grateful to Samuel, Heliana, Jeff, Lisa and Breyona for this invaluable training.  After completing this training, I am very confident that I have a very clear understanding of the MSL role, and it also provided me the tools to break into this role. This is the only live candidate training which provides one on one feedback for three days to how to present which is very essential to break into this role. Before going to the training, I had hundreds of questions in my mind about what exactly MSLS do and how to break into this role, but the training was an eye-opening experience for me, and all my questions were answered in those three days. I would strongly recommend this training to all the aspiring MSLS, it worth of time and money.

Sarbjeet Makkar, PhD

I found this training to be very valuable, stimulating and enjoyable. The level of expertise and knowledge of Samuel, Jeff and Heliana were excellent. I appreciate their positive attitude(s), clarity, and networking opportunities. The insights I have gained from this conference far exceeded my expectations. I definitely recommend considering this priceless option of training to break into the MSL career. Goodluck!
Lateef Odeyemi

I had some trepidation about the course because I thought it would primarily benefit MSL candidates in the USA. In actuality, there was very minimal coverage of American regulations and the course was almost entirely focused on universal communication and presentation skills. Even with extensive public-speaking experience, I found the course to be extremely helpful to learn what recruiters are looking for in a potential MSL, and how to speak to a mixed audience during an interview. I also learned to create a fluent PowerPoint presentation and how scientific material is presented in an objective, unbiased manner to KOLs. Being “interviewed” by current MSL managers was very enlightening and will definitely help me prepare for real interviews in the future. Samuel Dyer is extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic about MSL education and development, and it really shows during his lectures. After the course, Samuel has helped me to revise my CV and network with other colleagues in the MSL industry. After joining the MSL Society and completing this course, I have no doubt that I possess a significant advantage compared to MSL applicants without this training. I would strongly recommend this course to international MSL candidates, and to complete it as soon as possible before applying for MSL positions.

Nabhan Islam

The MSL Presentation and Communication Skills Training and Certificate Program is the best experience i had in many years. It was worth the time and money. In my opinion, it is priceless! The dedication and commitment of Dr. Samuel Dyer, Ms Heliana Sula, Dr. Jeff Kraemer, and Mr. Justin Dreaver is unbelievable. They made me feel that the impossible is possible. After finishing the program, i am now confident that i will be able to present myself as a competitive candidate for the role. I would highly recommend this one of a kind training and certificate program. Kudos to the trainers and my batch mates.

Arnel Abad, MD RN

Recently, I completed the MSL training certification program in Raleigh. I was in need of immediate MSL training and education on the role it represents. Dr. Dyer, with his dynamic crew and skill set, taught me everything and more than I ever expected. The 3 day experience was invaluable and I highly recommend it to the aspiring MSL candidate. You are taught the importance of the entire role and the qualities that an MSL must present from a simple greeting to networking and being of value to both your team and the KOL.

Paul Deichmann, PharmD

Thank you Samuel! It is indeed great to break into the first role with a lot of knowledge about the job and many tips on how to move forward.. Am also very happy to know that our feedback is motivating other candidates to attend the training and to see that their impression and feedbacks are even are greater than the one we had in our training!!!
Congrats to all 🙂

Tiama Chaar, PhD

BIG Thank you to Dr. Samuel Dyer, Heliana Sula and Jeffry Kraemer for this extremely valuable training which immediately led me to pursue my first MSL role! Do you know what an MSL actually does & what are the basic fundamentals of this role & how you can successfully break in? You will find all your answers during the training and this is the ONLY training which can truly prepare you not just to succeed during the interviews, it also helps you to thrive as an MSL!
“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.” – I can highly recommend everyone to be determined, persistent, look for the best MSL job description which describes you & your current skills then for sure you will succeed just like I did. I DID IT!

Bernadette Mamone, PhD

I totally agree with Geoffrey and Jeremy. The training program is phenomenal. Samuel will not only teach you the skills and techniques tailored to your need, but also reshape your mentality to what make a successful MSL. Thanks again Samuel, Heliana and Jeff.

Donghang Zheng

I recently attended the “Presentation and Communications Skills Certificate Program for MSL Candidates” by the MSLS, in Raleigh Meeting Dr Samuel Dyer and Ms Heliana Sula was a great experience, their determination to help you achieve your goal was encouraging. The MSLS is a fantastic resource too, so I’d highly recommend joining. I had my doubts going to the course, but within 5 minutes of sitting through it I knew this was going to be great and indeed it is the best investment you would make. I would call it a “boot camp”.

Pooja Desai, PhD

Having completed the MSL Candidate Presentation and Communication Skills Training Program yesterday, I can definitely say that this is well worth the time and money if you are considering a career as a Medical Science Liaison. The three day intensive course takes place in a small group setting with individual attention making it perfect for maximal learning, practice and exposure. The application of real world, industry wide techniques you learn leads to improved confidence and professionalism in communication skills. You will receive positive criticism, encouragement and insight into the MSL/KOL relationship and MSL role. Samuel, Heliana and Jeff are friendly professionals and guide your progress throughout the program. the one thing you should understand about this program is the tailored individual nature of the attention you receive. the opportunity to interact in a phone interview setting with MSL Managers is icing on the cake.

Geoffrey H. Browne, MD

I recently completed the MSL Presentation and Communication Skills Program. This program is invaluable if you are considering the MSL role! It is a 3 day course that goes into great detail about the role and gives you very concrete ways to succeed. The course is very small and this enables you to get very personal attention and advice. Thanks so much to Samuel, Heliana and Jeff.

Mary Schultheis

If you want to give yourself a significant advantage over other MSL candidates that you’ll be competing against and improve your presentation and communication skills, you must take part in the MSL Candidate Presentation and Communication Skills Training. I can easily say that I have never experienced this rapid of a transformation in such a short period of time. During the three-day intensive training I received invaluable insight into what it means to effectively communicate as an MSL, one-on-one constructive criticism and many opportunities to practice and apply what I learned. Samuel, Heliana,and Jeffry are a great team, and they make the experience very enjoyable. It’s obvious that they truly love what they do. Samuel often says, “If you want something, go get it.” So if you truly want to land your first MSL role or significantly improve as an effective communicator, this training will equip you to succeed.

Lee Hutson, PhD

The 3 day MSL Candidate Presentation and Communication Skills Training Program hosted by the MSL Society is absolutely incredible. With expert feedback from Samuel Dyer, Heliana Sula, and Jeffry Kraemer, you will identify the weaknesses in your presentation skills and develop methods to improve them. Additionally, you learn everything there is to know about the MSL role and will be in the best position possible for applying to MSL job openings. After completing this program, I feel significantly more prepared and confident as I enter the MSL job search than I did beforehand!

Bill Donegan, PhD

I am so honored to have been in the latest cohort for the Medical Science Liaison Society’s Presentation and Communication Skills training program! It was the absolute best experience and so worth it to take this chance on myself. When I break into my first MSL role, I promise to pay it forward and continue to help others who want to do the same! Thank you so much for creating such an amazing program for aspiring candidates like myself and I simply cannot express enough gratitude for the skills I have learned!

Natalie King, PhD

This is a well organized and in-depth course which trains participants to put their best foot forward in essential MSL skills! Attendees feel the full support of the MSLS society throughout the course and beyond. Upon completion, participants leave knowing exactly what the next steps are in maximizing their own value as an MSL. Absolutely Recommend!

Mary Kay Vaske, MD

Sincere gratitude to Dr. Samuel Dyer and team @MSLS for developing such an amazing program. It is intense, yet absolutely interactive and engaging. I learned so many important skills that I would have missed otherwise. Feeling positive and strongly recommend.

Ranjan K. Behera, BVSc and AH, MS, PhD

I completed the Dec 2017 Training and it was an incredibly valuable experience for me. Before attending, I spoke to several MSLs and read Samuel Dyer‘s book to gain a deeper understanding of the MSL role. I then attended the training in Durham because I saw it as the best opportunity for having 3 full days with MSL managers in a small group setting to learn more about the role and how to best prepare for it. Dr. Dyer, Jeff Kraemer, Heliana Sula, and Lisa Bourbeau provided a level of insight that surpassed my expectations. In addition to all the listed highlights and benefits of this training, Dr. Dyer and his team answered the many questions that the other attendees and I raised. The mock interviews with MSL managers provided me with instant feedback about which of my responses were right on point, and which needed improvement. Thank you MSLS team for this incredible experience. I now have the knowledge on how to pursue, attain, and begin an excellent journey in my first MSL role!

Sandra Sacco

Thank you Samuel, Heliana and Jeff for the organizing this training. I would highly recommend it for anyone trying to break into their first MSL role. What I liked most is that the training is specifically focused on understanding the individual strength and weakness of each candidate and then addressing the issue. In fact, this training addresses every aspect of the interview process and also the skills required to be successful once you become an MSL. No doubt, I learned a lot through this training and feel much more confident.

Pradeep Kannampalli

Having just completed the MSL Presentation and Communication Skills Program this past weekend, I would highly recommend this training to anyone looking to make the transition into their first MSL role, as well as new MSLs. This program provides great insight into the role of the MSL, the overall landscape in which an MSL works, and provides a phenomenal small-group atmosphere with a lot of personalized interaction to help build and enhance your communication and presentation skills. Thank you Samuel, Heliana and Jeff for providing such a great program and atmosphere to learn!

Jeremy Draper, MBA, PhD

I just returned from the 3-day program in Durham, NC and am still feeling absolutely inspired and energized from the experience. There is absolutely nothing like this program out there, and I feel honored to have been able to participate. Samuel Dyer and Heliana Sula have created a program that challenged, inspired and redefined how I approach presentations and communication. Any self-doubt I may have had prior to this conference was replaced with tips, tools and newly discovered skills to continue my pursuit of becoming an MSL. This was hands-down the most effective educational program I have ever attended.

Bethany Nickerson, PharmD, BCPS, MBA

After my battle with MSL job search for over a year, I decided to take a chance and invested in the MSL Candidate Presentation and Communication Skills Training. I can confidently say that it was the best decision I made because 6 months later I broke into my first MSL role. Yes, like many others, I DID IT. It would not have been possible without the course, Dr. Dyer’s book and the boundless support and guidance I received from the MSLS team. The course was very meticulously designed to cover all the aspects of the role you need to know; it was intense and hands-on. It laid a strong foundation to my understanding of the MSL role. Everything we were taught in those 3 days along with the ‘book’ were very helpful during the whole journey, including job search and the interview process. I highly recommend the training to all MSL candidates.

Anu Guggilam

Yesterday, I completed the 3 day MSL candidate presentation and communication skills training given by The MSLS. One word: Invaluable! Lots of aspects of the MSL world explained and plenty of intense presentation skills coaching. Thank you, Samuel Dyer for your invaluable coaching, Thank you, Heliana Sula and Jeffry Kraemer for making this possible. Thank you to everyone for the support, feedback and fun. Hope to meet you all very soon! Highly recommended for anyone trying to break into the MSL world! There is nothing that compares to learning from the best of the best: Samuel Dyer!

Carol Gelman, MD, MSc

Thank you, Samuel, Heliana and Jeff for putting together a very educational 3-day workshop on communication and presentation skills! The workshop offers everything that it is designed for and more. I would absolutely recommend this to any candidate trying to break into the MSL role.

Venky Kashi, PhD

Dear Samuel, Heliana, Jeff, Lisa, and Breyona,
Thank you for your time, expertise, advise and mentoring. But most of all, thank you for your honesty and authenticity. The course was well organized, challenging, and at times, humbling. To all MSLs and aspiring MSLs, this course is a must. I am grateful for the skills I acquired and the knowledge of my deficits (on which I am currently working). Samuel, Heliana, Jeff, Lisa, and Breyona — you are all amazing and loving people, and I am lucky to be part of your MSLS family.

Susan Depoliti Tower, MD, MBA

I would like to thank the entire MSLS team for the invaluable support they have provided us during the communication training course. I am a basic life scientist (Ph.D.), and before joining the course, I had wrong perceptions regarding the MSL role in the pharma and what is needed to break into this profession today. After the intense threes days training course, I feel empowered with the impactful knowledge that Dr. Dyer and the entire MSLS team have taught us, and I feel more confident to take all the required steps to become an MSL. Thank you for your generosity.

Atanas Kaykov, PhD

A mindset experience to deconstruct certitudes and synthesize new concepts about the way to make yourself in a peer-to-peer objective dialogue. An environment with plenitude of respect by diversity of ideas. A constant attention from the instructor team so that each participant can reinvent himself. An outstanding recommendation for anyone wishing to start a career as a Medical Science Liaison.

Antonio Sergio da Silva

I recently completed the presentation skills training course for aspiring MSLs, and found it to be a very worthwhile endeavor.  I came away with tools I previously did not have that will benefit me in my career.  In addition to sharpening my presentation skills, the insights related to the MSL field and how to break into the role were invaluable.  I really appreciated the time and effort from outside hiring managers to conduct mock interviews and provide valuable feedback. It was also great having the opportunity to meet and network with others in the field, and have this shared experience as we forge new paths in our careers.

Robin Potter, PA-C

The live training program offered by the MSL Society is, without a doubt, the single best investment that anyone wishing to break into their first MSL role can make. Period. The quality and depth of the information provided, learning the intricacies of the presentation, and value of the mock interviews with actual MSL hiring managers are all absolutely beyond measure. With the tools that the live training course will provide, landing your initial MSL role will still prove challenging; however, without them, it will be impossible.
Brian Hoglund, M.D.

Orthopedic Trauma Research Coordinator , Portneuf Medical Center

I thoroughly enjoyed the 3-day Aspiring MSL Presentation & Communication Skills Training. The program provided valuable insights regarding the role of an MSL, how to network, as well as how to present effectively during the MSL interview. I appreciate the candid feedback that was provided by Samuel, Heliana, & Jeff. Their input challenged our group, motivated us to improve our skills, and ultimately increased our confidence in terms of being able to to excel in the MSL role. The small class size allowed us to develop an instant support network and sense of community. I am thrilled to say that a few months after completing the training I officially became an MSL! Thank you MSL Society! I look forward to attending other trainings offered by the MSL Society in the future.

Regina Uthe, MS, PA-C

The MSL Presentation and Communication Skills training is a three days program and one may think – what you can learn in three days? Well, this three days program is a highly compressed box of knowledge. A powerful and compact training program. I am glad that I decided and was able to attend this training. Presentation and communication, does is need training? Absolutely, it does, there is no doubt about it. I feel honored after attending this special training by Samuel Dyer and Heliana Sula that is designed according to each individual attendee. They have created this highly effective educational program, in my opinion every MSL candidate, in fact, every MSL should attend it.

Himanshu Vashistha, PhD

I just returned from the 3-day program in Raleigh, NC, and I have to say that it was a phenomenal experience! Just like many other MSL candidates, I have always been concerned about not knowing how to break into the role and what should I be doing to improve my chances of success. That ended after this program! I now have a clear understanding of what MSLs do, how to perform at a high level during the phone interviews, and how to effectively deliver a great presentation. If you have spent countless days/nights thinking about how to do it or what are you doing wrong during the interviews, this is the program for you! It is certainly an investment to attend the program but it’s worth every penny. Thumbs up for the MSLS!

Steven de Jesus Carrion, PhD

This past weekend, I completed the presentation and communication skills training. I would highly recommend it to anyone seeking to break into not just this role, but seeking to improve their communication and presentations skills, in general. Having done my PhD and postdoc, I thought I knew how to present scientific data and registered to see if I could learn a little more. Very quickly I realized that how academic presentations skills, though very useful, are not going to help me to prepare for potential MSL interviews. I also learned a lot about the MSL role. But most importantly, I got coached about how I could improve my communication skills, improve where I lack, and use them to my advantage. I highly recommend this course and will like to thank Samuel, Heliana and Jeff for putting this really wonderful course!

Anirudh Sethi, PhD

I highly recommend this training workshop for anyone who is an aspiring MSL. Getting trained by Dr. Samuel Dyer is the best training you can get. I learned a lot of how to be a good communicator and an MSL. I learned how to present complex scientific facts and still deliver the core message to an audience from all backgrounds. This three-day workshop is a great way to motivate an aspiring MSL, like me, to feel confident while applying for MSL jobs in future. This is the only workshop where you will get honest feedbacks from hiring managers, during mock interview sessions. Thank you Heliana, Jeff, and Lisa for giving great feedback during the workshop. Thank you, MSL society for creating this curriculum. Thank you, Dr. Samuel Dyer, for reinforcing the confidence in me to keep my dream of becoming MSL alive.

Avik Mukherjee

Thank you Samuel, Heliana and Jeffry. It was a pleasure meeting and spending the last several days with all of you. Your passion for the MSL role and for coaching MSL candidates is obvious and of course, its a big plus for us who need the skills. I would not be overstating if I say that I really learned a lot and feel a lot more confident that with the skills that you have parted to us will help us not only to break into the MSL role but also for a successful future MSL career. Highly recommend this training.

Nirzari Parikh, PhD

I felt that it was a most intense and excellent learning experience. I now have a much deeper insight into the MSL role, the necessary presentation style for the interview and beyond (so different to scientists’) and a strong sense of belonging to a society who genuinely cares about the professional development of their members.

Roma Rambaran

This course was of great benefit to me as it taught me not only the steps to break into the MSL role but how to effectively communicate and present as a MSL. Thanks again to Samuel Dyer, Heliana, Jeff, Lisa, and Breyona!

Shiva Vaswani, MD

Thanks again Samuel, Heliana and Jeff! I agree with Nirzari Parikh, Ph.D., Elizabeth Jeanne Thatcher and Pradeep Kannampalli in their evaluations of the program. The training session was undoubtedly an invaluable experience, from explaining in depth the MSL role to exactly what it takes to break through and pinpointing which skills each of us needs to work on most. I believe we were all a bit naive as to what it really takes to break into your first role and I would highly recommend attending this to anyone seriously considering applying for an MSL position!

Rachel Lieberman, PhD

I just attended the Live Candidate training this past weekend. The experience was far more than I had even hoped for. I feel a renewed sense of determination and confidence as I move forward in the application process. I feel confident that I not only know what to expect in a phone and in-person interview, but that I can now execute the strategies effectively. Before the training, I thought I had done my homework, so to speak, and understood clearly what a MSL did in the field on a day to day basis, but I realize now that I was still largely ignorant. I know that I will now be able to present a knowledgeble , polished face to any future employer. I can’t thank Samuel, Heliana, and Jeffry enough for all of their blunt and kind words. I already know that the program was money well spent. I will hopefully see you all soon at a conference as an MSL instead of a MSL candidate!

Elizabeth Jeanne Thatcher