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Presentation & Communication Skills Program

• Are you interested in breaking into the MSL role but lack presentation skills?
• Do you have questions about how you should communicate during an MSL interview?
• Find it hard to present data and showcase your personality?
• Do you want to know what skills are needed in order to have a successful MSL interview?

Then this unique training program is for you!



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Starts at $695


Upcoming training will be virtual

Program Overview

Having strong communication and presentation skill, as well as the ability to effectively present scientific information to an audience, is crucial to the success of MSL candidates. Thus, delivering a scientific PowerPoint presentation to demonstrate your presentation skills is commonly required during the interview process when trying to break into the MSL role.
However, most candidates FAIL during this stage of the interview process simply due to poor PowerPoint presentation skills!
To address this, the MSL Society, an IACET-accredited organization, created a training program to provide participants with effective techniques to successfully present a PowerPoint presentation during the interview process, and also provide a strong foundation of communications skills to be successful in their first MSL role.

Who is this program for?

This program is open to aspiring MSLs interested in gaining new skills and a foundational understanding of how to present and communicate during an MSL interview.
Those that are interested in breaking into the MSL role
Those interested in understanding the different skills involved in presenting and communicating during an MSL interview.
Those interested in learning how to present and communicate data in a way that it is understood by everyone who is present
Those who want to be successful in educating KOLs through their presentations

What Makes This Program Unique?

The Aspiring MSL Presentation and Communication Skills is facilitated and taught by experienced MSL Managers and trainers, and is
based on real world experience of MSLs AND those who have trained or managed MSLs.

The curriculum of this highly individualized training program was developed using best practices from around the globe, and has been successfully conducted in multiple countries. It has also received countless of positive reviews from its participants!

The skills gained in the program will provide participants effective techniques to successfully present a PowerPoint presentation during the interview process and provide them with a strong foundation of communications skills, but also help increase their chances of breaking into the MSL role!

Learning Outcomes

After completing this training, you should be able to:
Understand the role and importance of effective presentation skills in MSL activities
Build an effective PowerPoint presentation through a powerful opening, body of presentation, and wrap up
Describe how MSLs are evaluated in the eld during an interview
Respond appropriately to questions you may be asked during an interview and prepare questions to ask to the hiring manager
Summarize experience and scientific background through succinct examples of accomplishments and skills relevant to the role.
Generate a qualified CV that includes the proper formatting, keywords, list of accomplishments and matches the MSL role being applied for
Demonstrate the ability to deliver a strong scientific presentation through the use of effective techniques and gained confidence.

Unique Feature Of This Program

YOU will be interviewed LIVE by 2 MSL Managers and receive unique feedback on your interview skills!
Gain valuable insights from current MSL Managers on how you can increase your chances of landing your MSL role, by having a live
interview with 2 MSL Managers during the 3-day live training.

Meet Some of Our Past Interviewers

Cherie Hyder, PharmD, MSL-BC

Cherie Hyder, PharmD, MSL-BC

Senior Director Global Medical Excellence & Operations

Linda Traylor, PhD, MSL-BC

Linda Traylor, PhD, MSL-BC

VP, Head of Medical Excellence

Douglas Yau, PhD, MBA, CMD

Douglas Yau, PhD, MBA, CMD

Sr. Director Oncology, US Field Medical Affairs

Larry Dollar, PharmD, MS, MSL-BC

Larry Dollar, PharmD, MS, MSL-BC

Vice President, Medical Affairs


Samuel Dyer, PhD
CEO, MSL Society

White Medical Science Liaison Society logo medium transparent background.

Dr. Samuel Dyer is the CEO of the Medical Science Liaison Society and has over 24 years of international MSL experience. During his career, he has managed MSL teams and operations in over 60 countries across the United States, Canada, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand. He has facilitated the successful launch of pharmaceutical and medical device products for both Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies and small biotechnology companies.

Dr. Dyer has coached, interviewed, and reviewed the CVs of countless MSL leaders, MSLs and aspiring MSLs. His insights and guidance have resulted in hundreds of aspiring MSLs successfully breaking into their first roles.

While leading the MSL Society, he has conducted MSL training programs for over 65 pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies in more than 15 countries. Dr. Dyer has also written extensively on the Medical Science Liaison profession, including numerous published articles, benchmark studies, and reports. He has been the keynote speaker and moderated numerous international conferences on various MSL–related topics, including creating teams, management, MSL training, proper utilization of MSLs, global trends, and the KPIs and metrics used to measure MSL performance. Dr. Dyer has also served as a resource and consultant on a number of MSL–related projects for several organizations, including McKinsey & Company and Bain & Company.

Dr. Dyer has a PhD in Health Sciences from Touro University and is attending medical school at Washington University (Health & Science) School of Medicine. He has a master’s degree in Tropical Biology (where he studied in the Amazon) from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and has a bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of the State of New York. Dr. Dyer also completed a certificate program for Executive Leadership and Strategy in Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology at the Harvard Business School.

Dr. Dyer is the author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller “The Medical Science Liaison Career Guide: How to Break into Your First Role”. The book is the first and only step-by-step guide on how to break into the MSL career (

Benefits and Inclusions

Gain new skills and a foundational understanding of how to present and communicate during an MSL interview

Learn how to present and communicate data in a way that it is understood by everyone who is present

Be successful in educating KOLs through your presentations

Have personalized in-depth MSL PowerPoint presentation skills training

Have the opportunity to have a comprehensive CV review

Have a virtual interview with 2 current MSL Managers during the 3-day Program


This one-of-a-kind eLearning program for aspiring MSLs will guide you, step by step, on how to successfully search for, apply, interview, and ultimately land your first MSL role. The program reveals how to address your lack of MSL experience, strategies for standing apart from the competition, what 185 MSL hiring managers look for when considering candidates, and what gets the right candidates hired.


All participants who complete the program will be awarded an official certificate of completion from the MSL Society that can be added to their CV and LinkedIn profile.

This is an excellent way to demonstrate to hiring managers and HR your gained level of knowledge.






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1 year Professional Level MSL Society membership ($290 value)
Complimentary access to the eLearning program: How to Break Into the Medical Science Liaison Role.

Virtual Training Schedule


Coming Soon


This training will be virtual,
so you can access it in your
location through your device!

The MSL Society is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET). The MSL Society complies with the ANSI/IACET Standard, which is recognized internationally as a standard of excellence in instructional practices.

“Breaking into the MSL Career and “Aspiring MSL Presentation and Communication Skills” are the only training programs for aspiring MSLs by an IACET-accredited organization.


What’s the Difference?

Just like our other popular customized virtual training programs, this Presentation and Communication Skills Training will be conducted in a VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) format. The content and materials are the same as our in-person 3-Day version of this program including the same facilitator and benefits.

As a result of data driven and highly interactive content, participants will gain new skills and techniques they can use immediately to improve how they presentation information and engage with the audience. The virtual 3-day Presentation and Communication Skills Program allows unprecedented flexibility and access to unique content, all while learning valuable information and receiving feedback from experienced MSL Leaders

Video Testimonials from Previous Participants

Looking for a reason to participate? Here are 33…

Attending the Aspiring MSLs communication workshop was one of the best investments I have made in my career. The 3 day training far exceeded my expectations in terms of what I thought I would take away from this training. I knew I would learn about the MSL role but I did not realize how many resources would be provided to us, how much individual feedback we would get, nor how open and genuine every discussion would be. The constant encouragement for us to participate and ask questions is unmatched in any training I have ever experienced and I am so grateful that Samuel, Heliana, and Jeff choose the small class size to really make each of us feel heard. It is clear that they have perfected the art of coaching aspiring MSLs.
Rebecca Fleeman, PhD Candidate
Rebecca Fleeman, PhD Candidate
I recently completed the Live Candidate training. I am really grateful to Samuel, Heliana, Jeff, Lisa and Breyona for this invaluable training. After completing this training, I am very confident that I have a very clear understanding of the MSL role, and it also provided me the tools to break into this role. This is the only live candidate training which provides one on one feedback for three days to how to present which is very essential to break into this role. Before going to the training, I had hundreds of questions in my mind about what exactly MSLS do and how to break into this role, but the training was an eye-opening experience for me, and all my questions were answered in those three days. I would strongly recommend this training to all the aspiring MSLS, it worth of time and money.
Sarbjeet Makkar, PhD
Sarbjeet Makkar, PhD
The MSL Presentation and Communication Skills Training and Certificate Program is the best experience i had in many years. It was worth the time and money. In my opinion, it is priceless! The dedication and commitment of Dr. Samuel Dyer, Ms Heliana Sula, Dr. Jeff Kraemer, and Mr. Justin Dreaver is unbelievable. They made me feel that the impossible is possible. After finishing the program, i am now confident that i will be able to present myself as a competitive candidate for the role. I would highly recommend this one of a kind training and certificate program. Kudos to the trainers and my batch mates.
Arnel Abad, MD RN
Arnel Abad, MD RN

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the training? How many seats are available?
The program has limited seats. The MSLS does this to create a small, intimate, and personalized training which addresses the needs of each individual participant.
Will the recording(s) of my presentations be shared with anyone (either inside or outside of the program)?
No, the recordings of each participants presentation are solely for the participant. We will not share your video to any other individual.
Do I need to bring any materials with me? (not applicable for VILT)
Yes. Please come prepared with your laptop/charger, flash drive with your ppt presentation, a copy of your CV/Resume, and an eagerness to learn!
Can early-career graduate students apply for this training?
Yes, anyone pursuing the MSL role is eligible for this training.
What skills will I acquire after attending the program?
You will learn about topics including: defining a KOL and how to effectively engage with them, best practices for presentations, communication techniques crucial to building relationships and a successful interview, you will have the opportunity to engage with hiring managers, and you will participate in activities designed to give you real-life scenarios of an MSL.
How are participants evaluated during the program?
Each participant will present multiple times throughout the duration of the program. Participants will receive feedback on each presentation they provide, along with tips for areas of improvement. Participants are expected to make these changes/suggestions to their ppt and re-present.
Will my CV/resume be reviewed in this training?
Yes. Each participant will receive an individual and comprehensive review of their CV as part of the training program, please be sure to bring at least one copy of your CV/Resume.