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I have been trying to break into MSL role since graduating with a Ph.D. in molecular Oncology. Although I read a lot on the MSL role and interacted with a lot of MSLs, my experience was unique and ground breaking after getting in touch with the MSL Society. My CV was reviewed and the suggestions made helped me get my CV up to industry standards and learn how to best present myself.

Shadi Mamaghani, Ph.D.
MSL Candidate

Working as an MSL in Australia often means that it is difficult to attend MSL focused conferences and other development opportunities taking place overseas. The MSL Society has been tremendously helpful in providing development resources to aid my personal development, and helped to connect me with like minded MSL professionals from around the globe.

Goce Bogeski, Ph.D.
Medical Science Liaison, 

Novartis - Australia

The MSL role is one of the most desired roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Breaking in and becoming a successful MSL relies heavily on access to amazing resources. The MSL Society provides all the tools and support to excel in your MSL career!

Dorota Dajnowiec, Ph.D.
Medical Science Liaison, 

Janssen Pharmaceuticals - Canada

MSL Society membership provides a great way for MSL professionals to keep up with the continually evolving MSL career. The MSL Society resources are both timely and provide high quality information from MSL experts from around the world. It's the source of information for your career.

Eric Silfen, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, 

Philips Healthcare - USA

The Medical Science Liaison Society provides a full complement of educational resources spanning information critical for those trying to break into the role.  Having the opportunity to have professionals with deep and knowledgeable experience and who have actually managed and hired MSLs review my CV was invaluable!

Brandt Newcomer, MB.BS.
Medical Science Liaison Candidate

The career services and professional advice offered by the MSL Society was very helpful and insightful. It was a great resource and it also provided a powerful tool for me to make informed decisions on my career choices.

Linda Guo, M.D.
Medical Science Liaison Candidate


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