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MSL Society Onboarding Training Program

  • 24 Apr 2017
  • 8:00 AM
  • 28 Apr 2017
  • 5:00 PM
  • Orlando, FL


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This program is for NEW HIRED MSLs from any company regardless of therapeutic area or years of experience.


Onboarding and training Medical Science Liaisons can be stressful,

time consuming, and expensive. Many companies do not have the

internal resources or the adequate time needed to fully onboard new


In fact, 72% of MSLs globally report that their initial onboard training

consisted of only being given a set of journal articles related to the

product or disease state for at home self-study!

Our comprehensive program changes this and is designed for any new

hire regardless of the number of years of prior MSL experience.


Live 5 Day MSL Onboard Training: A comprehensive training program

covering the essentials an MSL needs to succeed at any company.

Topics covered include:

  • Industry Overview
  • The MSL role
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Proactive versus Reactive Discussions
  • KOL Relationship Development
  • On-Label versus Off-Label
  • How to Critically Evaluate
  • Research Papers
  • Overview of Statistics
  • Clinical Pharmacology
  • Presentation Skills


Facilitated by multiple current MSL managers and trainers from top
pharmaceutical companies

7 Reasons to Attend

  1. Industry Experts - MSLs will learn from current MSL leaders and trainers from top companies

  2. Save Time - Eliminate the need to create training programs from scratch or constantly update materials
  3. Save Money - Reduce the amount of time the manger and or mentor needs to spend with a new hire, freeing them to focus on their own responsibilities
  4. Consistent Training - A single cogent training program for all MSLs utilizing blended learning methods/materials
  5. Expedited Onboarding - Reduce the time required to onboard an MSL
  6. Ensure Compliance - Ensure MSLs know all relevant laws, industry guidelines, and regulations
  7. Easily Tracked - Ensure training has been fully completed and is clearly documented

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