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Professional Membership

Professional Membership

Established Countries $290

Professional Membership

Emerging Countries *$145

The following are identified as "Established Countries": U.S., U.K., Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Austria, Australia. 

* PLEASE NOTE-The "Emerging Countries" membership level is NOT available for those living or working in an "Established Country". All applications will be verified.

Refund Policy

No refunds can be issued once a payment for membership has been processed.

What The MSL Community is saying about us:

Advance the specialty of the MSL

Membership in the MSL Society is a professional obligation in my opinion, and the most impactful way for me to advance the specialty of the Medical Science Liaison. Since becoming initially involved in the Society a few years ago, it has allowed me multiple opportunities to advance the profession, and more importantly see the many best practices created by peers in the industry at the Annual Conference, through the unique surveys, and through networking. I truly consider membership in the Society as priceless, and it has helped me guide my career and also allowed me the opportunity to contribute back to my profession.

Dr. Hudson Garrett Jr.
Vice President, Clinical Affairs
PDI, Inc.

Engage in the development and leadership of the MSL

There is no better time to engage in the development and leadership of the MSL. The MSL Society has successfully launched this type of needed engagement around the globe, and success is certain through peer review and meetings such as the professional meeting in Paris.

Jennifer Williams, MBA, PhD
Director of MSLs
Bard Medical

Advance Your Career

In my role as Head of Global MSL Excellence at Bayer, I see the need for an organization to provide information and resources to bring the worldwide group of MSLs together. I believe the MSL Society can serve as that organization and is a great resource for MSLs.

Mitch Trujillo
VP, Global Medical Affairs
Bayer Healthcare

Networking and collaboration

The conference in Paris provided an invaluable networking and collaboration experience, the kind of experience that genuinely fosters the expansion and maturation of the MSL role throughout the world. Given the diverse experiential and professional backgrounds of MSLs, from health care provider to bench researcher, these types of events are integral to the advancement of the MSL profession. Indeed, all attendees—from tenured MSLs and directors to those wishing to enter into the MSL role for the first time—can benefit from attending.

Elizabeth Kupferer, Ph.D.
Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Expand Your Knowledge

The MSL role is one of the most desired roles in the pharmaceutical industry. Breaking in and becoming a successful MSL relies heavily on access to amazing resources. The MSL Society provides all the tools and support to excel in your MSL career!

Dorota Dajnowiec, Ph.D.
Medical Science Liasion
Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Stay Ahead of the Curve

Working as an MSL in Australia often means that it is difficult to attend MSL focused conferences and other development opportunities taking place overseas. The MSL Society has been tremendously helpful in providing development resources to aid my personal development, and helped to connect me with like minded MSL professionals from around the globe.

Goce Bogeski, Ph.D.
Medical Science Liasion
Biogen Idec

Other Membership Levels

Team Discount

Established Countries$190

Student Membership

Established Countries$100

Team Discount

Emerging Countries$95

* Team Discount memberships will not be approved until the minimum required (5 or more) members from the same team (TA) have registered.

Student Membership

Emerging Countries$75

* Proof of current enrollment as a full-time student at a college or university must be provided via email to heliana.sula@themsls.org before a student application will be approved. The applications won't be automatically reviewed until the required document is submitted.

** A Post-Doc is NOT considered a full-time student for membership purposes.

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